Emergency locator signals detected from EgyptAir wreckage

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Emergency transmission signals have been detected in the Mediterranean Sea from an area where EgyptAir Flight 804 crashed earlier this month, narrowing the search for the black box.

Egyptian news agency Al Ahram reported that the signals were produced by the plane’s emergency position-indicating radiobeacon, a device that detects unusual forces associated with a crash and sends out a distress signal.

Egypt’s air accidents chief, Ayman Al Moqadem, said the detection of the signal has narrowed down the search zone to find the body of the plane to a 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) radius.

The flight, traveling from Paris to Cairo crashed into the Mediterranean on May 19 with 66 people onboard, including 30 passengers from Egypt and 15 from France. Everyone on board is presumed to have been killed in the crash

Debris from the plane, such as personal belongings and parts of the wreckage, have already been recovered but the main wreckage, including the black box, has not yet been located.

Search teams from France and Greece, as well as other countries, are working to locate the black boxes, which are data recorders that can help determine the cause of the crash.

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