Elon Musk, Twitter, and Cybersecurity: What To Know

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By Jacob Maslow

Elon Musk has been one of the most polarizing figures during the past few years. He has significantly impacted the world around us, particularly with his contributions to digital payments (PayPal), the future of cars (Tesla), and space exploration. He has even tried to bring the internet to everyone through his Starlink system, which has received significant attention since the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Recently, Elon Musk made significant waves by purchasing one of the largest social media platforms in the world, Twitter, and taking it private. Already, he has caused considerable consternation by making changes to the platform, and many people are wondering what it means for cybersecurity.

Could Elon Musk Make Twitter’s Cybersecurity Plan Worse?

When he purchased Twitter, the platform was already not in the best spot regarding cybersecurity. The platform already had significant issues, but Musk may have made the situation significantly worse by making substantial cuts.

He announced that he wanted everyone to return to the office, resulting in many people leaving the platform. Then, he said he only wanted people who would work their hardest every day, resulting in more people leaving Twitter. Finally, he laid off many people, so the workforce is significantly smaller than it used to be. Recent findings revealed that the number of employees had fallen dramatically from 7500 to 1800 since Musk took over.

As a result, many people familiar with the security measures at Twitter are no longer there, and there might not be enough people to monitor the security situation on the platform adequately.

Existing Twitter Security Problems: Issues in the Digital Age

Now, Musk comes in and inherits a platform with many security problems. The platform has a long history of hacks and allegations from whistleblowers, including Peiter Zatko. Zatko testified before Congress, speaking about major cybersecurity issues at the digital giant. He filed a complaint and testified that the platform was not doing enough to protect the information of its users. He also stated that the platform is not doing enough to defend itself against spam bots, which caused significant problems for Twitter. He even claimed that Twitter misled the FTC, further evidence of existing security issues.

People Must Protect Their Information Now More Than Ever

Today, it is critical for people to protect their information now more than ever. If the security measures are not updated regularly, it could leave people vulnerable to significant attacks. Given the existing security issues at Twitter, and the prospect that things could get worse before they get better, users should consider taking extra security measures to protect themselves when they use social media platforms, including Twitter.

What Changes Could Come in the Future: Twitter and the Rest of the Industry

Already, Elon Musk has shown a penchant for changing things on the platform, and it is reasonable to expect that more changes could be coming down the road. The only question is what those changes might look like and what they might mean for Twitter and Musk’s other companies. The entire world is watching, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

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