EasyJet: Attacks Won’t Affect Tourism in France

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By Jacob Maslow

In the wake of the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, EasyJet (LON:EZJ) has stated that terrorism will not have an effect on tourism in France. Carolyn McCall, CEO the airline, has calmed the fears that travelers will avoid visiting the capital after Friday’s attacks, which claimed 129 lives. The argument is that just as the tourism trade quickly recovered after the 9/11 attacks, tourism in France will see no long-term effects either.

McCall did note that France’s tourism sector may see a cooling-off period, but this period will only be temporary.

The number of passengers flying into France’s capital has declined, but thus far, Paris is the only destination to see a decrease. The so-called cooling-off period does not apply to flights headed to other parts of Europe.

EasyJet is so confident in the industry that is decided to purchase 36 new Airbus planes, increasing its fleet by an impressive 7%.

A number of travel companies saw a decline in share prices after the attacks, but these companies are already seeing signs of recovery.

Meanwhile, EasyJet has seen an increase in passenger numbers every year, and the company sees no signs of slowing down.

Share prices in the travel sector have dropped slightly, but this effect is a short-term one that will not last.

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