Double car bombing in southern Iraq kills at least 38

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Two car bombs exploded in the southern Iraqi city of Samawah on Sunday, killing at least 38 people and injuring nearly 90 others, Iraqi officials say. The Islamic State (ISIS) group claimed responsibility for the attack.

The bombings occurred in central Al-Samawah city, where two parked cars detonated within minutes of each other. The first car exploded near government offices and the second car exploded at an open air bus station nearby.

A police source, speaking to the Nina news agency on condition of anonymity, said “the wounded are receiving the needed treatment in the hospitals, and the dead bodies were transferred to the forensic medicine department.” The source said 38 people were killed and 86 others were wounded.

Al-Samawah is about 238 kilometers (148 miles) southeast of the capital Baghdad.

Jan Kubis, the United Nation’s envoy to Iraq, expressed his outrage at Sunday’s deadly bombings. He also offered his condolences to the families of the victims of the attack and wished those who were wounded a speedy recovery.

“One of the explosions took place near a bus station, cutting down innocent passengers,” Kubis said. “Targeting civilians in a peaceful city with such intent to kill and injure as many as possible is nothing short of a diabolical act committed by terrorists bent on achieving their sinister agenda regardless of the human cost.”

Kubis called on Iraqis to remain united in the face of terrorist attacks and on authorities to find those responsible for the attacks and to bring them to justice.

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