Discover the Best Option for Selling Your Home in 2022

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By Jacob Maslow

The practice usually used to sell off real estate properties entails the seller hiring an agent and then providing them with a customary 6% of their equity profit from the property’s final sale. However, what if you, the seller, could use a different method that would result in having money placed back in your pocket while also not worrying that you might have to give up control over the sale of your property?

Currently, towns and cities across the country are flooded with real estate agents who are using this moment to promote their skills and business as a realtor and news of the many homes they have recently sold.

When preparing to sell your home, choosing the right real estate agent can be daunting, especially when the asset you are attempting to sell is one of the most important in your portfolio.

By using the services of HomeLister, you can benefit from the help this organization offers while also gaining the confidence needed to control your real estate transaction.

To train as a real estate agent entails gaining knowledge of the market and the process of selling homes that differentiates you from novices. With the help of HomeLister, you can empower yourself and gain a hold over the process. This will also mean that without becoming a licensed real estate agent, you can also pocket the 6% commission fee you would be losing as a seller.

You might be thinking that this process sounds too good to be true. But before you do, you might consider exploring how you, too, can use the HomeLister digital listing platform and enjoy the satisfaction of selling your own home online.

To make this opportunity a reality, get equipped with the services that traditional real estate agencies can access daily.

The highly-rated feedback provided in homelister reviews indicates that real estate customers who have joined the market intending to sell their own homes will better understand why choosing Homelister in 2022 is a good decision.

1. Pick the Price

An important note to be aware of is that if you, as the homeowner, decide to hire a real estate agent to sell your property and, therefore, pursue a traditional route, you can expect to give 6% of that final sale price to real estate agents.

To go this traditional route is the outcome of doing business in the real estate market. It is not, however, something that will be up for negotiation.

If, however, you decide to choose HomeLister. Instead, you will have the ability to select one flat fee that is a part of the listed service packages, and you will be able to do so without giving a percentage of your profits away.

2. Property Tours with 3D Video

Recently, professional photographs have been significant additions to the real estate process and have often increased the likelihood of sellers getting an increase in offers from potential buyers. However, what is also increasingly accurate is that the odds grow even more so when buyers are offered a tour of the property using 3D interactive video.

When sellers use the HomeLister Live Tours app, they can then activate live virtual house tours and invite buyers into their homes by asking that they provide their contact information and choose a date and time to attend the virtual visit.

3. Customized Assistance

As part of the selling process, each real estate seller uses their existing knowledge, whether they are new to the process or have a high level of experience in the industry.

Outside of the benefits already provided, one of the most important reasons to choose HomeLister in 2022 is to ensure that regardless of your expertise, you will still have access to expert assistance whenever you need it, whether that be advice via chat, email, or phone.

4. Advertising Campaigns Online

Even as you are using HomeLister to engage with the market and ultimately sell your home, it is essential to note that this does not necessarily entail being expected to become a real estate expert immediately.

Instead, by using HomeLister, you will be asked to begin an online advertising campaign that will likely garner attention from enough potential local buyers, hopefully leading to your goal of making a sale a reality.

Revolutionizing Home Sales: Embrace the Future with HomeLister and the Expertise of Redstones Estate Agents

In the dynamic real estate landscape, innovation meets tradition to offer sellers unprecedented control and expert guidance in their property transactions. This blend of digital convenience and professional understanding paves the way for a new era in home selling, where efficiency, savings, and personalized service converge. Discover how to redefine the selling experience and achieve optimal results in today’s market.

In the bustling world of real estate, where agents vie for attention with the latest success stories and market insights, there exists an avenue for sellers seeking a different path—one that doesn’t necessarily adhere to the traditional norms of engaging an agent and parting with a 6% equity profit upon the sale of their property. This alternative route promises the possibility of saving money and offers the seller more control over the transaction process.

The market is teeming with options, and one name that stands out for those looking for an innovative way to sell their property is HomeLister. This digital platform provides a unique approach to selling homes, allowing homeowners to bypass the traditional real estate agent route, potentially saving the 6% commission fee typically lost in such transactions. HomeLister’s approach empowers sellers, giving them the tools and confidence to manage their real estate transactions with a degree of autonomy not often found in the industry.

However, amidst the innovative solutions offered by HomeLister, it’s essential to highlight the services of Redstones Estate Agents, a distinguished player in the real estate field. Redstones brings a comprehensive suite of services tailored to sellers’ diverse needs. Their expertise in the market, coupled with a commitment to providing personalized service, makes them an excellent option for those looking to sell their properties. Whether through strategic marketing, negotiation, or closing deals, Redstones Estate Agents have demonstrated their ability to navigate the complexities of the real estate market effectively.

Here’s how integrating services like those offered by Redstones Estate Agents can complement the digital-first approach of HomeLister:

  • Expert Market Analysis: Redstones Estate Agents can provide a detailed market analysis, ensuring your property is priced competitively, which is crucial in attracting the right buyers.
  • Professional Networking: Utilizing an agent’s network can broaden the exposure of your property, reaching potential buyers who might not be accessible through online platforms alone.
  • Personalized Service: Redstones Estate Agents offer a customized touch, guiding sellers through every process step, from listing to closing. This can particularly benefit those who prefer direct interaction and expert advice.
  • Negotiation and Closing: Estate agents’ expertise in negotiation can be invaluable, ensuring you secure the best possible deal for your property.

While HomeLister provides a robust platform for sellers who wish to take a more hands-on approach to selling their property, incorporating the professional services of Redstones Estate Agents can offer additional benefits. This hybrid approach allows sellers to leverage the best of both worlds—digital convenience and professional expertise—tailoring the selling experience to meet their needs and preferences.

In conclusion, deciding to sell your home is significant, and choosing the right pathway is paramount. Whether you opt for the innovative, self-directed approach offered by HomeLister or decide to enhance your selling journey with the professional expertise of Redstones Estate Agents, the goal remains the same: to sell your property efficiently, at the best possible price, and with your interests at the forefront.


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