How Digital Boardrooms Increase Productivity in the Workplace

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By Jacob Maslow

Increasing productivity in the workplace does not often happen overnight, but with the right technological improvements, get your team on the right track in less time. With the advent of new communication tools, conferencing solutions, and improved AI, learn how to drastically increase the productivity in your workplace with a new and improved digital boardroom.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Boardrooms are meant for communicating, connecting, sharing ideas, and setting goals. Video conferencing solutions are extremely valuable to the workplace as they allow you the opportunity to connect with investors, partners, and clients virtually at any time. SmartTVs and large mounted flat screen computer monitors relay video feed without lag or choppiness, streamlining meetings and maximizing productivity.

Video conferencing is also beneficial when you want to hire remote employees or you have members of your team who frequently travel. Never miss an opportunity to connect with all of your employees and business partners with video conferencing.

Improved Communication Tools

Conference speakerphones are classic methods of communication, but also provide an easy way to share thoughts of your contacts with all attendees called to your meetings. If you are interested in additional communication tools, solutions such as Slack, Google’s G Suite, and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is a platform that benefits both employers and employers, providing an array of tools such as virtual Office, Excel, and PowerPoint that can be accessed virtually once logged in with an account. Use Microsoft 365 to share documents, updates, and to quickly communicate among team members.

Newer communication tools such as Slack (available online or using iOS and Android phones) are optimal for teams working on-the-go or from any location. Quickly create group chats, private conversations, or share documents and completed tasks with an entire team instantly.

AI Technology

AI technology has come a long way from its inception. With AI today, it is possible to utilize smart tools to keep track of daily goals, schedules, and even information regarding business contacts and clients. AI is becoming increasingly necessary in the workplace with busy and hectic lifestyles, especially for new and expanding businesses. Use AI to manage and monitor workplace productivity, goals, and tasks to keep your employees focused and moving forward in the right direction.

Creating digital boardrooms in your office space is a way to stay ahead of the latest trends while keeping employees and members of your team motivated. With the right tools and technology, drastically improve the productivity in your workplace while utilizing effective methods of keeping tabs on the progress of each of your employees.


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