Death toll from Brussels attacks rises to at least 34

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A total of 34 bodies have been recovered after Tuesday’s suicide bombings at Brussels Airport and a metro station, but the figure is still expected to rise, Belgian officials say.

Brussels prosecutor Ine Van Wymersch said in a statement late on Sunday that the bodies of 31 victims had been recovered in addition to the three suicide bombers. All but three of the victims have since been identified.

According to the latest information, 15 victims and two suicide bombers died in the attack on Brussels Airport, while 13 victims and 1 suicide bomber died at Maalbeek metro station. Three other victims have not yet been identified and Sunday’s statement did not indicate where they were killed.

“This brings the total of formally identified victims to 28. Three families are still waiting for formal identification as DNA results are pending,” Van Wymersch said. “We have currently recovered 31 bodies – perpetrators not included.”

Van Wymersch added that Sunday’s figures do not include “a number” of people who succumbed to their injuries after being transported to hospitals, indicating that the death toll will rise further, though her statement did not disclose how many victims had died in hospital.

Of the 28 victims which have been identified, 16 had the Belgian nationality while 12 were foreigners. The nationalities include people from the United States, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France, China, Italy, and the United Kingdom, though several victims had more than one nationality.

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