Crafting Your Daycare Mission Statement: The Essential First Step of a Successful Business Plan

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By Jacob Maslow

Creating a successful daycare business plan starts with crafting a mission statement to help guide your decision-making and long-term goals. Your mission statement provides clarity into the purpose of your daycare. It is essential to ensure that you can grow and develop positively as your business evolves. By taking the time upfront to craft an effective mission statement, you will set yourself up for success by establishing clear objectives that will shape all aspects of your business plan.

Mission Target Aspirations Motivation Goals Concept

Outline of what should go into a mission statement

Your mission statement should include:

• An overview of the services you offer

• A description of who you serve (e.g. children aged 3-5)

• What sets your daycare apart from others

• A commitment to providing quality care and education

• Your values and beliefs as a business owner

• Your long-term goals for the business.

It’s essential to keep your mission statement concise and actionable so that it is easy for you and other stakeholders to remember and refer back to when making decisions about the direction of your business. The goal should be clarity rather than detail when crafting your mission statement.

When you have finished writing your mission statement, please share it with everyone involved in the daycare business plan process, including staff members, parents or guardians, vendors or suppliers, and any other partners helping bring your business to life. By ensuring that everyone involved understands the mission statement, you can ensure that all stakeholders are working towards a common goal.

Remember, your daycare’s mission statement is an essential first step in crafting a successful business plan and will serve as an ongoing source of direction and guidance throughout the life of your business. It is well worth taking the time upfront to craft a mission statement that accurately reflects the values and goals of your daycare. This will help you stay focused on delivering quality care and education while allowing for growth and development as your business evolves.

Sample Mission Statements

• We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for children of all ages. Our mission is to provide quality care and education while fostering community amongst our staff, parents, guardians, and children.

• Our goal is to create an enriching learning experience that encourages every child’s exploration, creativity, collaboration, and social-emotional growth. We strive to foster self-confidence and independence while providing a safe and supportive environment for our students.

• At ABC Daycare, we believe in creating a space where children can thrive through play-based learning experiences. Our mission is to provide high-quality childcare services that nurture each child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development.

• We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and education in a nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment. Our mission is to promote a love of learning and enhance the development of each child’s unique potential.

• Our goal is to create a dynamic learning environment where children can grow and develop academically and socially. We strive to foster imaginative thinking, creativity, problem-solving skills, and a strong sense of self-worth in every child.

• At ABC Daycare, we believe in providing an engaging atmosphere filled with educational opportunities that will encourage growth in each child at their own pace. Our mission is to provide high-quality childcare services tailored to meet our students’ needs while promoting emotional well-being and cognitive development.

•We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where children can thrive through exploration, imagination, collaboration, and play. Our mission is to provide a nurturing, stimulating, and safe learning atmosphere where children can foster their sense of curiosity and individuality.

• At ABC Daycare, our goal is to create an enriching experience that promotes social-emotional growth, collaboration, exploration, and creativity in every child. We strive to foster self-confidence and independence while also providing a supportive environment for our students.

• We are dedicated to providing quality care and education while instilling values of respect, kindness, and compassion in each child. Our mission is to nurture the development of individual potential through creative activities that help build solid foundations for success in life.

By crafting a mission statement that accurately reflects your goals and values, you will set yourself up for success when creating your comprehensive daycare business plan. It is essential to ensure that everyone involved with the business has clarity on the organization’s purpose, which will help ensure consistency and uniformity across all aspects of the business plan. With an effective mission statement in place, you can develop a successful daycare business plan confidently.

At the same time, it is essential to remember that your mission statement may need to be updated or adjusted as circumstances change and your business evolves. As you craft a comprehensive business plan for your daycare, take the time to review and refine your mission statement to reflect your current goals and objectives accurately. This will help ensure that everyone within the organization has a shared understanding of the purpose and direction of the business. By taking this proactive approach to updating and refining your mission statement over time, you can set yourself up for success in creating a successful daycare business plan that will serve as an ongoing source of direction and guidance throughout the life of your business.

Day Care Business Plan:

Creating a successful daycare business plan requires more than just writing a mission statement. You also need to include information about the services you intend to offer, the demographic of your target audience, staffing requirements, and budgeting and financing considerations. Your plan should clearly state how you will fund the venture, your financial goals, and when you expect to profit. Additionally, include details such as marketing strategies, any anticipated challenges or risks associated with running the business, management structure, and processes for dealing with customer complaints. By considering all of these factors in your business plan before beginning operations, you can ensure that you’re well-prepared for success.

Elements of a Business Plan

• Executive Summary: Summarize the key points of your business plan, explain why you are starting this business and outline any unique features or advantages it offers.

• Market Analysis: Explain who your target audience is, what services or products you will provide, and how those offerings differentiate from competitors.

• Operations Plan: Outline the services you intend to offer, staffing requirements, and any other operational considerations needed to run a successful daycare business.

• Financials: Present a detailed breakdown of costs related to launching the business, including overhead and startup costs. Additionally, include an analysis of projected sales, profit margins, and cash flow statements demonstrating financial sustainability over time.

• Business Strategies & Tactics: Describe the strategies you will use to reach your target market and how you intend to maintain an advantage over your competitors.

• Exit Strategy: Outline how you plan to wind down the business if it becomes non-profitable or can no longer sustain operations.

By preparing a comprehensive daycare business plan, you can ensure that your venture has the best chance of success from launch into the future. Considering all of these elements will help set up a solid foundation for running a successful childcare business for years to come.

Sample Business Plan

Executive Summary

ABC Daycare is a new childcare facility located in the heart of Anytown, USA. Our goal is to provide high-quality childcare services to families in the area that are affordable and convenient. We take pride in offering a safe and secure environment for children to learn and grow with certified professionals who have received training in early childhood education. ABC Daycare will provide full-time care during weekday hours and after-school programs before dinner. We understand how important it is for parents to find reliable childcare so they can focus on their work while knowing their children are receiving the best care possible.

Market Analysis

Anytown, USA, has an ever-growing population of young children and families, making it an ideal location to open ABC Daycare. There are currently no other childcare facilities in the area that offer full-time care during weekday hours and after-school programs before dinner time. This makes ABC Daycare a unique offering that will fill a need in the community for reliable and affordable childcare services.

Operations Plan

ABC Daycare will be operated by certified professionals with extensive experience working with children and providing high-quality early childhood education. We will maintain a low staff turnover rate and keep our operating costs low by offering competitive salaries to our employees. In addition to providing traditional daycare services, we will also offer after-school programs so parents can pick up their children after work.


ABC Daycare will be funded through bank loans, investor capital, and personal funds. We anticipate that our startup costs will include purchasing or leasing a property, hiring staff, and obtaining supplies. Our projected sales will come from families who utilize our full-time daycare services and after-school programs. Our profit margins are anticipated to be around 15%, with room for growth in the future.

Business Strategies & Tactics

To reach our target market, we plan to employ traditional marketing strategies such as radio ads and print materials within the Anytown area. Additionally, we plan to take advantage of digital marketing tactics such as social media campaigns and online advertising. We also plan to use word-of-mouth marketing to spread the news about ABC Daycare in the local community.

Exit Strategy

To wind down the business, should it no longer be profitable or able to sustain operations, we will close our doors and distribute any remaining funds to our investors per their agreements. Any outstanding debts or liabilities must be paid before closing for good.


By creating a comprehensive daycare business plan, ABC Daycare can ensure that our venture has the best chance of success from launch into the future. Considering all of these elements will help us set up a solid foundation for running a successful childcare business for years to come.


What is a daycare mission statement?

A daycare mission statement is a short statement that articulates the primary goal of your business. It should include what your business strives to achieve and how you plan on achieving it.

Why is a daycare business plan important?

A daycare business plan is essential for outlining the goals and strategies of your business. It helps provide an organized framework for launching and running a successful childcare operation, from start-up costs to exit strategy. Additionally, having a well-crafted business plan can make it easier to secure capital funding from investors or lenders when needed.

How do I create an effective daycare business plan?

The most effective daycare business plans are comprehensive and include information on market analysis, operations plan, financials, marketing strategies & tactics, and an exit strategy. Additionally, they should be tailored to the unique needs of your particular business.

How do I write a daycare mission statement?

To write a daycare mission statement, you first should focus on articulating your primary goal for the business. Think about what kind of services you want and how those services will benefit parents and children in the community. Add any additional values your business strives to uphold so that everything is included in one brief statement. Once you have this information together, craft it into a short but powerful sentence or phrase.

From this, ABC Daycare’s mission statement can be as follows: “At ABC Daycare, our mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children while enabling parents to have peace of mind in their day-to-day lives. We strive to promote education and growth through play and creativity while upholding our core values of trust, respect, and kindness.”

Tips for creating an effective Daycare Business Plan

• Research the local market and create a detailed competitive analysis to ensure that your business is set up to succeed from launch.

• Develop clear goals for each aspect of the business plan, such as financial management, marketing strategies & tactics, and operations.

• Include an exit strategy in case the business no longer remains profitable or able to sustain itself after some time.

• Stay organized and use visuals whenever possible to ensure all points are articulated clearly and concisely.

• Consult with a professional with experience crafting daycare business plans if needed.

Online Software Tools for a DayCare Business Plan

LivePlan: LivePlan is an online business planning platform that helps you create detailed daycare business plans in minutes. It enables you to track your progress and milestones, set goals, and forecast future finances for your business.

StratPad: StratPad is an online business planning software that includes a customizable template designed explicitly for the childcare industry. It provides step-by-step guidance to help you craft an effective plan quickly and easily.

Enloop: Enloop is a web-based business plan software that walks users through all the necessary steps to crafting a successful plan. Its easy-to-navigate interface and automated financial forecasts make it simple to stay organized and on top of your business.

BizPlanBuilder: BizPlanBuilder is an online business planning software that helps daycare entrepreneurs easily create detailed plans. It includes a complete library of industry-specific content and includes sample plans to get you started quickly.

PlanGuru: PlanGuru is a powerful business planning tool designed specifically for daycare businesses. It allows users to customize their plans, track progress over time, and measure success through budgeting & forecasting features.

Palo Alto Software: Palo Alto Software offers an intuitive web-based platform for crafting comprehensive business plans for childcare operations. It helps users quickly create professional and visually appealing documents and financial projections that can be shared easily with potential investors.

PlanMagic: PlanMagic is an online business plan software exclusively for daycare businesses. It features a step-by-step process to help you create and manage your plan, as well as industry experts who offer guidance and advice throughout the process.

Business Plan Pro: Business Plan Pro is software designed specifically for childcare businesses. It provides users with hundreds of templates, sample plans, and tutorials to help them craft an effective plan quickly.

Simple-Planning: Simple-Planning is an online business planning software that simplifies creating a daycare business plan. From start to finish, it offers easy-to-understand instructions along with automated financial projections and budgeting tools.

Business Plan Creator: Business Plan Creator is a business plan software specifically for daycare businesses. It offers users the ability to customize their plans and collaborate with others, as well as comprehensive financial forecasting features.

GoBusinessPlans: GoBusinessPlans is an online platform that helps daycare entrepreneurs create effective plans quickly and easily. It provides users with industry-specific templates, resources, and guidance throughout the process.

BizPlanEasy: BizPlanEasy is an online software platform that simplifies crafting an effective daycare business plan. Its easy-to-use interface and customizable templates make it simple to stay organized and track progress over time.

These are some of the most popular and reliable online business plan services for daycare businesses. With any of these tools, you’ll be able to create a comprehensive and effective business plan quickly and easily. Good luck!

Hiring a Freelancer

If you need additional assistance, you can consider hiring a freelance business plan writer to help create a comprehensive daycare business plan. They’ll be able to provide guidance and insight into the process and prepare the documents needed for your financial projections. A great place to start is Upwork or Fiverr, where you can easily find experienced writers who specialize in creating plans for daycares.

Consultation with an Expert: Finally, if you want more personalized advice and support as you go through the planning process, seeking out an experienced professional in the industry may be a good option. Daycare consultants know the nuances of running this type of business and can offer helpful tips and advice. Many of these consultants can be found in online marketplaces like Thumbtack, or you can use a service such as Consultants 500 to locate an experienced professional in your area.

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