David Cameron to resign on Wednesday, Theresa May to succeed

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British Prime Minister David Cameron says he will resign on Wednesday, allowing Home Secretary Theresa May to assume the office after her final opponent quit the Conservative Party’s leadership race.

Speaking outside Downing Street on Monday afternoon, Cameron said Member of Parliament Andrea Leadsom had made “absolutely the right decision” to stand aside after her comments about motherhood sparked controversy.

“I’m delighted that we’re not going to have a prolonged Conservative leadership election campaign,” Cameron said. “It’s clear Theresa May has the overwhelming support of the Conservative parliamentary party.”

Cameron, who praised his home secretary as strong and competent, added: “She’s more than able to provide the leadership that our country is going to need in the years ahead, and she will have my full support.”

Leadsom announced earlier on Monday that she would drop out of the race to become the leader of the Conservative Party, and thus prime minister after Cameron announced late last month that he would resign after the country voted to leave the European Union.

“Obviously with these changes, we now don’t need to have a prolonged period of transition, and so tomorrow I will chair my last cabinet meeting,” Cameron said. “On Wednesday I will attend the House of Commons for Prime Minister’s Questions,and then after that I expect to go to the palace and offer my resignation, so we’ll have a new prime minister in that building behind me by Wednesday evening.”

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