DAS Auto Slogan to Be Replaced by Volkswagen

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By Jacob Maslow

Automaker Volkswagen’s (ETR:VOW3) stock is currently up 1.55% on the day after the announcement that the company will stop utilizing the “Das Auto” advertising slogan. The slogan was first introduced in 2007, and offered the advantage of being simple. While effective, the slogan is being replaced by the company following the recent emissions scandal.

A spokesperson for the company said that the slogan is not “dead,” but it would not be in the upcoming advertising campaign.

The change is rather lackluster, with the VW logo to be accompanied with the slogan “Volkswagen.” According to initial reports, the slogan will be rolled out in stages across the world, and is meant to show humility for the past scandal.

Volkswagen is currently trying to increase their company’s image, especially in the United States and Britain where there has been a sharp decline in sales. A closed-door meeting took place last week in Dresden with 2,000 managers. While the automaker has several different subsidy companies, the meeting focused on restoring the Volkswagen image.

The company stated that “Das Auto” was a little pretentious, and that a change to the current slogan is an attempt to show humility for the company.

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