Credit card details of 100,000 Brits for sale online

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By Larry Banks

Credit card details that were stolen from 100,000 British people have been spotted for sale on the Internet, and being sold for less than $2.50, according to a report by The Times newspaper.

Surprisingly, the information isn’t being hidden away on some obscure website. The Bestvalid site is said to be almost as easily accessible as Amazon, requiring just a sig up to start. It also apparently provides help services for dissatisfied customers.

One of the Times’ reporters used Bitcoin to buy the credit card details of one victim, which came with all the details for her bank card as well as mobile phone number and home address.

The paper’s investigation apparently also found sensitive data of a former advisor to the Queen, with the total number of records exceeding one million.

The data bundles sell for more than the price of stolen Netflix passwords that are found on the black market. However, the site is particularly accessible, and the consequences for anyone whose data is for sale could be disastrous.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.

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