Costco Food Court: Insider’s Guide to Menu and Savings

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By Jacob Maslow

Costco, a popular wholesale, retail giant, is renowned for offering low prices on various products. However, not just the aisles filled with bulk items that bring in customers but also the enticing scent of freshly prepared meals that waft through the air. The Costco Food Court provides an array of meal options for customers to enjoy, whether during a shopping trip or to grab a quick bite before heading home.

The menu at Costco Food Court serves favorites, including hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, pizza (both slices and whole pies), and delectable desserts, accompanied by a selection of drinks. Known for its low prices and great taste, the food court’s appeal lies in its ability to cater to every palate without breaking the bank.

Over the years, the Costco Food Court has seen changes in its menu offerings and the addition of new items to satisfy customer demands. With each change, the food court evolves and cements its reputation as a go-to destination for shoppers searching for a delicious, affordable meal.

Costco Food Court Overview



The Costco Food Court originated in the mid-1980s, with the first location opening in Seattle in 1983. Since its inception, the food court has become a popular spot for shoppers, offering a variety of quick, easy, and affordable classic American comfort foods.


The Costco Food Court has gained a loyal following due to its appealing menu options and affordable prices. Members can enjoy well-known items like the $1.99 pizza slices, $1 churros, and the hot dog combo, which has remained at the same low price since 1984. In addition, the menu offers a satisfying mix of meals, including:

  • Hot Dogs: Only beef hot dogs are available, maintaining quality and consistency across locations.
  • Baked Hot Meals: Options include the chicken bake and the brown sugar-coated crispy churros.
  • Sandwiches, Salads, and Pizzas: A variety of sandwiches, salads, pizza slices, and whole pizzas cater to diverse tastes and preferences.
  • Desserts and Drinks: delicious treats and beverages round out the menu.

In addition to the varied menu, the low-priced and tasty food options make the Costco Food Court a beloved choice for those looking for convenience and value during their shopping experience.

Menu Items and Prices

Hot Dogs and Sandwiches

The Costco Food Court is known for its affordable and tasty hot dogs. Their beef hot dog and a soda combo have been a staple since 1984, priced at just $1.50. Another popular sandwich option is the turkey and provolone sandwich which contains 740 calories and 1,710mg of sodium. BBQ beef brisket sandwich is also available for those craving a flavorful option.


Costco Food Court serves delicious pizza at a reasonable price. Customers can choose from cheese, pepperoni, or a fully-loaded supreme pizza. The slices are huge and filling, each priced at around $1.99. A whole pizza can also be purchased for approximately $9.95.


A popular menu item at the Costco Food Court is the chicken bake. It’s a satisfying combination of chicken, bacon, and cheese stuffed inside a crispy doughy crust. The chicken Caesar salad, another healthy option, is mixed with tender chicken, fresh lettuce, grated parmesan, croutons, and Caesar dressing.

Salads and More

For healthier options, Costco Food Court offers various salads, such as chicken Caesar salad. The menu also includes the Italian sausage sandwich with sautéed peppers and onions.

Desserts and Beverages

Customers can treat themselves to desserts and beverages at the Costco Food Court. The twisted churro and gelato are delightful sweet treats. Another all-time favorite is the soft-serve ice cream, which is a sundae with delicious toppings.

In terms of beverages, Costco Food Court offers a selection of drinks, including fruit and berry smoothies. Soda options and iced tea are also available to quench your thirst while shopping.

Remember that some menu items might require a Costco membership to purchase. In addition, prices and menu offerings may vary depending on the location.

Locations and Differences

Costco has an excellent reputation for its food courts that are located in its warehouses around the world. These food courts offer customers tasty and affordable meal options while shopping or taking a break. While most Costco food court menus may seem very similar, some variations depending on the country and region. The differences can be seen in Canada, Australia, Japan, and Spain.

International Variations

Canada – Costco’s food courts in Canada feature classic Canadian poutine. This dish consists of crispy fries, cheese curds, and savory gravy.

Australia – In Australia, Costco’s food courts offer a unique item called meat pies. These pies are a popular Australian snack filled with minced meat, gravy, and sometimes onions, mushrooms, and cheese.

Japan – Japanese Costco food courts have unique offerings such as Clam Chowder & Corn Potage and carry Tonkatsu Bento and Teriyaki Bento. These bentos usually include rice and pickled vegetables as sides.

Spain – Costco food courts have a local twist in Spain with items like Gazpacho (cold tomato soup) and Churros con Chocolate. Churros are fried dough pastries covered in sugar, and chocolate is served as a dipping sauce.

In addition to the regional variations, Costco’s food courts have some localized items for specific regions or cities within a country. For example, some Costco food courts in the United States serve regional specialties such as Sausage & Peppers Sandwich or Bratwurst.

Costco’s food courts provide its customers with an exciting mix of local and international flavors while consistently providing affordable meals. These regional and global differences in the food court menus allow Costco to cater to the tastes of its diverse customer base worldwide.

Nutrition and Dietary Considerations

Calorie Counts

When visiting the Costco food court, knowing the calorie counts of different menu items is essential. Most hot food options are high in calories, sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat. For instance, consider the BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich – due to its large portion size, it’s best to split this with someone else or take half to go and eat it another time.

Some of the lower-calorie offerings at the food court include:

  • Berry Smoothie: 290 calories
  • Mocha Freeze: 320 calories
  • Very Berry Sundae (made with nonfat yogurt): 430-480 calories

Allergy and Dietary Preferences

When making choices at the Costco food court, it’s essential to consider any dietary preferences and allergies. For instance, note that:

  • The sausage and ham used in the dishes may not suit people following a halal or kosher diet.
  • Vegetarians and vegans should be mindful of menu items containing meat, such as ham and sausage.
Ingredients Dietary Considerations
Ham Not suitable for vegetarians or those following halal or kosher diets
Sausage Not suitable for vegetarians or those following halal or kosher diets
Mozzarella Vegetarian, but not vegan-friendly

For those with allergies or dietary preferences, it is always best to inquire about undisclosed ingredients before placing an order. Speak with a team member at the food court to obtain accurate information regarding specific ingredients, allergies, and dietary concerns.

Healthy Choices and Toppings

One way to make healthier choices at the Costco food court is by customizing toppings for salads and sandwiches. For example, avoid fresh, low-calorie ingredients like lettuce and onions rather than mayonnaise or high-fat dressings. Opting for a nonfat yogurt base in sundaes and smoothies can also help reduce the overall calorie count.

Overall, familiarizing oneself with the nutritional content and ingredients of the available options at the Costco food court allows for more informed decisions that cater to specific dietary requirements and health preferences.

Costco Membership and Food Court Access

Costco requires a membership to access most of its services and products. Starting in mid-March 2020, the food court also became a members-only area. This means you must have an active Costco membership to enjoy the benefits of the food court and its affordable meals.

An active membership costs around $60 and requires purchasing items from the food court. This policy change began in March 2020 and has made the food court exclusive to actual Costco members. Before this policy enforcement, non-members could access the food court in some locations, usually by entering through the exit doors or going near the membership signup desk.

The Costco food court is famous for its inexpensive yet tasty food, such as pizza, hot dogs, and other snacks. By restricting access to members only, Costco aims to provide an additional perk for people who invest in a membership, thus encouraging potential members to sign up.

In summary, the food court is no longer available for non-members, and an active Costco membership is necessary to enjoy the convenience and affordability of food court offerings. This change has made a Costco membership even more attractive to those considering joining the warehouse club.

Changes and Innovations

Influences of the Pandemic

The pandemic has undoubtedly impacted Costco’s food court, leading to several changes in its food offerings, desserts, and menu prices. These alterations have been implemented to adapt to the new normal and ensure the safety of their customers.

During the pandemic, Costco made several adjustments to its food items, some of which were quite significant. In May 2021, they reintroduced the popular churro to their menu. This beloved dessert’s new and improved version is now bigger, and features dough braided with butter and cinnamon.

In addition to food items, Costco also experimented with its dessert offerings. The food court expanded its selection to include ice cream sundaes, successfully introduced in Vancouver in 2017, with three different topping choices: chocolate, berry, and caramel. Although this expansion to the dessert menu was not a direct result of the pandemic, it does provide additional options for customers.

However, the pandemic has inevitably increased prices on certain menu items. Due to inflation, Costco customers have experienced price hikes in at least seven products, including the iconic chicken bake, which rose from $2.99 to $3.99. This price increase has disappointed many, but it reflects the economic challenges businesses face during these uncertain times.

Overall, Costco’s food court’s changes during the pandemic showcase how swiftly businesses adapt and innovate in times of crisis. By introducing new items and adjusting their menu prices, Costco has demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity while still providing satisfying and delicious options for its customers.


The Costco Food Court is known for its affordable, quick, and classic American comfort foods, offering a range of options from pizza to frozen yogurt. As such, several frequently asked questions about the Costco Food Court will be addressed in this section.

One common question is whether customers can visit the Costco Food Court without a membership. The answer is that it depends on the specific Costco location. Some food courts are located outside the warehouse, allowing non-members to enjoy the food, while others are located inside, requiring membership for access.

Another popular question is about the hours of operation for Costco Food Courts. In general, they follow the same hours as the Costco warehouse they are located in, but it is recommended to check your local warehouse for specific hours of operation.

Customers often ask what makes Costco pizza so unique. The secret lies in the high-quality and fresh ingredients used, along with their in-house dough made from scratch daily. The delicious toppings, flavorful sauce, and crispy crust make the pizzas an all-time favorite.

Finally, a question arises: why has Costco changed its menu over time? This is because Costco consistently evaluates customer feedback and preferences to improve the quality and variety of its food offerings. By adapting to customer needs and introducing new items, Costco ensures customers can access classic favorites and innovative food options.

In conclusion, the Costco Food Court is a popular destination for delicious, affordable meals, and understanding the answers to these frequently asked questions can help customers make informed choices while enjoying their tasty treats.

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