Connecticut to ban gun sales to those on government watch lists

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Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says he will issue an executive order to allow firearm permits to be denied to those on government watch lists, making Connecticut the first U.S. state to announce such measures.

“Like all Americans, I have been horrified by the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris. They have been and should be a wake-up call to our nation,” Malloy said in a statement. “I am taking this commonsense step with this executive order simply because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do.”

The governor’s office said Malloy is working with federal officials for approval to use government watch lists for the purpose of denying gun sales. “The Governor will work with the federal government to determine the specific lists – be it the ‘no-fly’ list, terrorism watchlist, or some combination – used in this regard,” the office said.

The announcement comes just days after President Barack Obama said it was “insane” that people on no-fly lists are able to walk into a store and buy a gun. “If you’re too dangerous to board a plane, you’re too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun,” the president said in his weekly address, calling on Congress to “close this loophole now.”

Tens of thousands of people, including hundreds of Americans, are believed to be on the so-called no-fly list, but the list has long been criticized for its secretive nature and the fact that those added to the list do not have to be convicted of any crime.

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