Company Insiders That Were So Confident They Bought Their Own Shares!

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By Jacob Maslow

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When someone inside a company decides to purchase their own stock, then you have to know that they expect that the stock will climb sometime in the near future! They have inside knowledge about the company’s performance and this indicates that you too should cash in on the stock!

Crossroads Systems (NASDAQ:CRDS) saw their director Jeffrey E Eberwein buying ten thousand of the companies shares on the open market on the 9th of Jan. Each share was bought at $2.64 and the full price of the transaction was $26,400,00. Now he owns 22,763 shares in the company and they are valued at around $60,094.32. On Tuesday, their stocks closed at $2.57. Their sales growth over the past five years was down by -8.00%.

The company Streamline Health Solutions (NASDAQ:STRM) saw their COO Mr. David William Sides purchase ten thousand shares of the company on Tuesday the 23rd of Dec. He bought them for $3.83 each and the full business transaction cost him $38,300,00. When they last traded, their stocks were down at minus four point two percent. This saw them closing at $3.83. Their week’s performance was down by minus ten point ninety-six percent. They are currently -46.20% away from their fifty-two week high.

Last, but not least, the company Hawaiian Telcom HoldCo (NASDAQ:HCOM) whom are a major shareholder in the Twin Haven Capital Partners, L bought one thousand three hundred shares of the company on the open market for $26.30 each. The transaction took place on the 8th of Jan, which was a Thursday. The full value of the purchase was $34,190.00. Over the past five years the company were down by -2.70%, and their growth EPS for five years is expected to be 14.90%. Quite impressive!

Trading is always a risk but by piggybacking off “people in the know” you can substantially mitigate your risk.

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