Chicopee Comprehensive High School Holds Series of Career Fairs

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By Jacob Maslow

Chicopee Comprehensive High School in Massachusetts held their first of a series of career fairs on Tuesday. The event is an effort to encourage students to enter into the construction and manufacturing industry. Students were shown career options in many fields, including metal fabrication.


Metal fabrication refers to the process of creating something out of raw metal or metal sheets and includes different operations like drilling, milling, grinding, turning, etc. The steps vary depending on what item is being created.


Metal fabrication is also one of the most competitive industries around the world, and it is easy to get confused while picking a metal fabrication company to get your task done.


If you are out there in search of the best metal fabrication company out there, then to make things easier for you, today we are here with a few essential tips that will help you in picking the best metal fabrication company out there.


Top Tips to Choose the Best Metal Fabrication Company


Check Out the Type of Metals the Company Deals With


There may be different metals involved in your project, and the fabrication procedures are not the same for every type of metal.  Therefore, the first point to consider while picking a metal fabrication company is whether they can handle fabrication of all the variety of metals involved in your project.


Enquire about the Experience of the Fabricators


The experience of metal fabricators involved in your project is very crucial to make sure that the result meets your expectations. Metal fabrication is a job where experience doing projects matter more than anything.


Therefore, make sure to ask the metal fabrication company about the experience of the fabricators assigned to your project to make sure that you get nothing but the best.


Fabrication and Welding are not the same.


Most non-technical people get confused between metal fabrication and welding and often approach a welding company to get metal fabrication work done.


Well, metal fabrication refers to the complete process of building something out of metal, whereas welding is just one of the methods followed during fabrication and refers to the process of fusing two metals (or any objects) with similar melting points together.


Ask for Suggestions


You can always ask your friends, colleagues, and family to suggest you the best metal fabrication company. By asking suggestions, you will be able to get good recommendations, and you will also be able to get some reviews from existing customers which will make your task of choosing a metal fabrication company much more comfortable.


Compare Price Quotes


When approaching a metal fabrication company, make sure to detail out your requirement at the beginning itself and get a quote from the company. Later you can compare quotes from different fabrication companies and pick the one that best fits your budget.


As there are lots of metal fabrication companies out there, you will always get competitive pricing from the company, and you can always negotiate for a better deal.


Ask About Quality Check Procedures


Quality check is essential in metal fabrication as even a simple misfit of parts, or other errors can make the product pretty much useless. Therefore, ask the company about the quality check procedures that they follow to ensure that your project is completed the way it is intended to be.


Confirm Whether They Can Deliver on Time


If you need the fabrication work done within a specific time frame, then it is best that you confirm the same with the company before assigning them with the project. Always make sure to get the date of delivery established by the company in writing so that you can take appropriate actions if the company delay the delivery without any prior indication.

Final Words


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, metal fabrication is one of the most competitive industries out there. However, not all metal fabrication companies offer the same level of expertise and customer satisfaction.


If you are looking out to hire a metal fabrication company to get a task done, then following the tips mentioned above will make sure that you get the best team to work on your project.


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