Carvertise Review: A Comprehensive Guide to Advertising on Wheels

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By Jacob Maslow

In recent years, the advertising landscape has experienced significant change with the rise of new and innovative methods for businesses to reach potential customers. One such advertising platform is Carvertise, which specializes in turning private vehicles into moving billboards for businesses. This article will provide a comprehensive review of Carvertise, exploring the benefits and potential drawbacks for drivers and advertisers who work with the platform.

Carvertise was founded in 2012 to revolutionize the traditional outdoor advertising industry. The company’s unique approach involves partnering with drivers willing to have their cars wrapped with high-quality vinyl ads promoting local, regional, and national businesses. For advertisers, Carvertise offers a cost-effective and targeted way to increase brand exposure, while drivers can benefit from additional income simply by going about their regular driving routines.

While car advertising is not new, Carvertise has managed to stand out in the industry by focusing on transparency, ease of use, and a commitment to ensuring that drivers and advertisers have a positive experience. As the demand for effective, eye-catching advertising continues to grow, potential users of Carvertise need to clearly understand the platform and its ins and outs before getting started.

What Is Carvertise?

Carvertise is an innovative advertising platform that connects advertisers with drivers to transform their vehicles into moving billboards. This company was founded in 2012 to revolutionize the out-of-home advertising industry by capitalizing on the time people spend on roads and highways.

Advertisers choose Carvertise to reach larger audiences and boost brand visibility, while drivers can earn extra income merely by driving their cars as they usually do. To participate, drivers must meet specific requirements, including a clean driving record, a minimum distance driven per month, and typically a 2008 or newer vehicle in good condition.

Carvertise installs high-quality vinyl wrap advertisements on the vehicles, and contributors usually do not need to worry about any costs related to this installation or removal process. The vinyl wraps are eye-catching to potential customers and protect the vehicle’s paint job. While participants receive compensation for driving with the advertisements, the amount they earn typically depends on factors such as the length of the campaign, location, and the type of vehicle they drive.

Some features of Carvertise include:

  • A rigorous driver selection process to ensure high-quality, responsible participants.
  • Customized and trackable campaign data to help advertisers measure the effectiveness of their ads.
  • Regional and nationwide campaigns to reach a wide range of audiences.
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for the vehicle’s ad-wrap in the case of an accident.

How Does Carvertise Work?

Carvertise is an innovative marketing platform that connects car owners with advertisers for mutual benefit. This section will explore how Carvertise works for both car owners and advertisers.

Car Owners

Car owners interested in participating can start by signing up on the Carvertise website. They must provide information like demographics, location, driving patterns, and vehicle details. Once they have submitted this information, they may be matched with an advertiser whose campaign requirements align with their profile.

When a match is found, the car owner will be notified, and the car must be wrapped in a high-quality, professionally designed advertisement. This wrap is temporary and can easily be removed without causing any damage to the vehicle. The installation process usually takes a few hours, with the Carvertise team handling all aspects of the wrapping process.

Car owners are compensated monthly for using their vehicles as a moving advertisement. The specific amount depends on various factors, such as the length and location of their commute and the advertisement size, but some reported earnings to range from $100-$400 per month.


Advertisers seeking a high-impact, cost-effective advertising medium can also benefit from Carvertise. They begin by submitting their advertising campaign requirements, including demographic targeting, geographical preferences, and ad design specifications. Carvertise then identifies potential matches from their pool of registered car owners.

From there, Carvertise manages the campaign by coordinating the advertisement wrapping process, monitoring the vehicles’ impact using GPS tracking, and providing reports to the advertiser. These reports contain information regarding the advertisement’s visibility and return on investment metrics.

The pricing structure for advertisers is based on a few factors, such as projected audience size and campaign duration. Using Carvertise, advertisers can potentially reach a large audience cost-effectively and uniquely.

Carvertise Requirements

To begin advertising with Carvertise, there are specific requirements that drivers must meet. These requirements are in place to ensure they align with Carvertise’s standards and provide a professional service to clients.

First and foremost, drivers must possess a valid driver’s license, and their vehicle should be a 2008 model or newer. Additionally, they must maintain a clean driving record without any major violations or at-fault accidents. This helps ensure the advertisements are represented safely and responsibly on the road.

Carvertise also expects drivers to have a minimum annual driving mileage of 5,000 miles to maximize the visibility of the advertisements. The screening process includes a background check and a thorough vehicle inspection. These steps are necessary to maintain the quality and consistency of Carvertise’s ad campaigns.

Some other important criteria include the following:

  • The vehicle should not have extensive body damage or visible rust.
  • Drivers must also have an active auto insurance policy meeting minimum state requirements.
  • It is essential that the driver’s vehicle is consistently clean, both inside and out, to maintain the professional appearance demanded by advertisers.

Drivers who meet these requirements are considered eligible to join Carvertise’s platform and can start earning through their vehicle’s advertisements.

Carvertise Earnings

Carvertise is a car advertising platform that allows drivers to earn passive income by displaying advertisements on their vehicles. Earnings with Carvertise can vary based on factors such as the location, the type of campaign, driving habits, and the ad type.

Depending on the campaign, drivers typically receive around $100 to $200 per month. Additionally, they may have an opportunity to earn between $30 to $50 for every two hours of parking their car at promotional events with the ad on display.

The key factors that impact the earnings potential include:

  • Location: Drivers in major metropolitan areas or densely populated regions may have access to more campaigns and higher earning potential.
  • Driving habits: If the driver covers more miles daily or frequents heavily-trafficked areas, they will likely be more attractive to advertisers and receive better campaigns.
  • Ad type: A partial or full wrap requires professional installation and removal. Therefore, these campaigns can offer higher payouts than window decals or magnets.

Carvertise handles all aspects of ad design, printing, and installation, so the drivers can focus on driving and earning money. Payments are typically made via direct deposit, which gives drivers a hassle-free way of receiving their earnings. It is important to note that earnings from Carvertise are taxable income and must be reported appropriately.

Pros and Cons


Carvertise offers an innovative way for advertisers to reach their target audience through car wrap advertising. Some of the pros include:

  • Cost-effective: Compared to traditional advertising methods, Carvertise allows businesses to gain exposure at a fraction of the cost.
  • Targeted advertising: Advertisers can choose specific geographic areas and demographics for their campaigns, increasing the likelihood of reaching their desired audience.
  • Non-intrusive: Unlike pop-up ads or other digital advertising methods, car wraps do not disrupt the consumer’s experience, making the advertising more appealing.
  • Additional income for drivers: Car owners can earn extra income by partnering with Carvertise and turning their vehicles into a moving billboard.


Although Carvertise provides unique advertising opportunities, there are also some drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited reach: Car wrap advertising relies on cars being driven in specific geographic areas, which could limit the number of potential views compared to digital advertising methods.
  • Less control over ad placement: Advertisers have limited control over frequency and where their ads will be seen, as it depends on the driving habits the car owner.
  • Longevity and wear: Car wraps may show signs of wear or need replacement over time, which could require additional maintenance and expense.
  • Driver Requirements: Not everyone qualifies to become a Carvertise driver, as the platform requires a clean driving record and a relatively new, well-maintained vehicle.

Carvertise vs. Competitors

When it comes to advertising on vehicles, Carvertise is a popular option. However, several competitors in the market also offer similar services. This section will briefly compare Carvertise to some of its main competitors, considering pricing models, coverage, and ad targeting factors.

Some notable competitors of Carvertise include Wrapify, StickerRide, and ReferralCars. Here is a quick comparison of their features:

Company Pricing Model Coverage Ad Targeting
Carvertise Per-mile pricing Nationwide (USA) Geofencing, demographics
Wrapify CPM (cost per thousand impressions) Nationwide (USA) Geofencing, demographics, behavior
StickerRide Per-task pricing Select cities worldwide Geofencing
ReferralCars Commission-based Nationwide (USA) Limited targeting

While all these companies provide vehicle advertising opportunities, they differ in their pricing models. Carvertise uses a per-mile pricing model, meaning advertisers pay based on the miles driven by the wrapped vehicle. Wrapify, on the other hand, employs a CPM model, charging advertisers for every thousand ad impressions. StickerRide’s pricing is based on completing specific advertising tasks, while ReferralCars earns revenue through a commission-based structure.

In terms of coverage, Carvertise, Wrapify, and ReferralCars all operate primarily within the United States, offering nationwide services. StickerRide has a more limited reach, operating in select cities worldwide.

Regarding targeting, both Carvertise and Wrapify offer similar capabilities, such as geofencing and demographic targeting. Wrapify further includes behavioral targeting. StickerRide primarily focuses on geofencing, while ReferralCars has more limited targeting options.

User Experiences

Carvertise users have reported varying experiences when working with this advertising company. Many drivers appreciate the passive income opportunity and the straightforward application and vehicle wrapping process.

However, some users have faced difficulties, with concerns frequently focusing on the limited availability of campaigns and regional limitations. The available work can often depend on the individual’s location and advertiser needs, so user experiences may vary significantly.

Regarding communication, Carvertise generally receives positive feedback for their response time and customer service. Although there have been occasional complaints, the company is consistently working to improve its drivers’ experiences.

The quality of vehicle wraps provided by Carvertise is also commonly praised. Users report that the wraps are long-lasting and much easier to maintain than traditional paint jobs. Additionally, many have mentioned that the wraps can help protect their vehicle from minor damage and enhance resale value.

Driving requirements set by Carvertise can be an essential factor for potential drivers. Generally, expectations are reasonable, and many users find them easy to comply with. However, some users who don’t drive long distances to work or cannot complete the minimum mileage requirement find it challenging to participate in advertising campaigns.

Alternatives to Carvertise

Faced with the limited availability of campaigns, there are also other options to consider. Drivers can look into traditional advertising opportunities such as radio, TV, and print media. Companies like Uber and Lyft are another option; they allow drivers to earn money while driving passengers around town.

Finally, those interested in earning passive income through vehicle wraps may consider other services. Wrapify, StickerRide, and ReferralCars all offer similar solutions that may be better suited for certain drivers based on their needs.

Overall, Carvertise is a well-established company that provides unique opportunities for drivers looking to make extra cash by allowing advertisers to display their messages on their cars. While user experiences may vary significantly depending


Carvertise is a popular platform for car owners to make money by advertising on their vehicles. This section answers some of the frequently asked questions about Carvertise.

How does Carvertise work?

Carvertise connects drivers willing to have their cars wrapped with an advertisement with brands looking for a unique way to reach potential customers. Drivers get paid for displaying the advertisements on their vehicles.

How much can a driver earn with Carvertise?

The amount a driver can earn depends on the campaign and the location. On average, drivers can expect to make between $100 to $200 per month on a full car wrap. However, this range may vary based on campaign duration, car type, and driving habits.

Who can join Carvertise as a driver?

Carvertise requires drivers to be at least 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and own or lease a vehicle that is less than ten years old. The vehicle must also be in good condition and free of visible damage such as dents, scratches, or rust.

What types of advertisements are used in Carvertise campaigns?

Carvertise mainly uses vinyl car wraps with high-quality graphics for its campaigns. The wraps are designed to be easily removable, ensuring that they do not cause any damage to the vehicle’s paint job.

Do drivers have a say in the advertisement displayed on their vehicles?

Yes, drivers can accept or decline a campaign based on the advertiser and the design of the advertisement. However, it is essential to note that declining too many campaigns may result in fewer opportunities for the driver.


In summary, Carvertise offers an innovative platform for businesses to advertise their products or services, utilizing a diverse fleet of cars as mobile billboards. This approach can lead to increased exposure and brand awareness in targeted areas.

Drivers participating in the program can benefit from passive income while going about their daily routines, making it an appealing option for many. The selection process ensures that drivers meet specific criteria, such as a clean driving record and an acceptable vehicle, ensuring the ad campaigns’ quality and safety.

With flexible pricing options and campaign durations, businesses can tailor their marketing efforts to suit their budgets and objectives. This personalized approach allows for greater control over advertising campaigns and the ability to reach specific demographic groups.

Overall, Carvertise presents a unique and effective marketing solution for businesses seeking to expand their reach and visibility. Its ease of use and focus on providing a mutually beneficial experience for advertisers and drivers make it a strong contender in out-of-home advertising.

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