Carbon monoxide poisoning kills family of 6 in Michigan

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Six people, including four young children, have been found dead at a house in Fenton Township in Michigan after a suspected case of carbon monoxide poisoning, officials say.

Deputies were called to a house in the 13000 block of Stony Brook Pass on Sunday afternoon and located the bodies of two adults and four children. Toxic fumes were inside the house and fire crews opened the residence’s doors and windows to allow for the air to clear.

The incident occurred in an area that experienced a power outage on Friday, and the family was using a generator in the basement that is believed to have caused carbon monoxide, Sheriff Robert Pickell said. Employees from Consumers Energy are also at the scene.

The scene, at Stony Brook Condominium, is just off U.S. Route 23, and about 12 miles southwest of Flint, which is at the center of a water contamination crisis.

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