Car strikes pedestrians outside train station in Amsterdam

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At least 8 people have been injured in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam after a car struck pedestrians outside the city’s main railway station, local officials say. The driver is in custody and there is no indication of a link to terrorism.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m. on Saturday when officers approached a vehicle which was stopped at a place where parking is not allowed. The driver tried to flee and struck several pedestrians before crashing into a wall.

A spokesperson for Amsterdam police said 8 people were injured, including two people who suffered serious injuries. The driver was immediately taken into custody and questioned by police as officers searched his vehicle.

“We spoke with the suspect. It does not appear to have been intentional but the driver becoming unwell, but of course we are continuing to investigate to exclude certain possibilities,” Amsterdam police said on their Twitter account.

The incident caused speculation and fears of a terrorist attack, similar to those in England, France, and Germany, where vehicles have recently been used to carry out deadly attacks. But unlike those, there was no indication of a link to terrorism.

The square in front of the train station has been partly cordoned off as police investigate.

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