Can You Remove Body Hair at Home

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By Jacob Maslow

If you are getting ready for the summer months or that winter vacation on the beach that you’re looking forward to, body hair removal is always a task that needs tending to. Of course, there is no shortage of bodily area that might need a hair removal.

Whether its eyebrows, the underarm area, legs, or other more private areas, many of you are likely wondering which methods are best. If you are interested in finding body hair removal methods that you can use at home, we have a list of options for you.

Shaving and Grooming

If you’re interested in hair removal and are looking for the simplest and most cost effective hair removal technique to do from home, then shaving is the option you are looking for. The first thing you’re going to need is a really great razor.

Experts suggest that if you will be using your razor to shave your pubic area, you should have a dedicated razor for this area. Once you start shaving you should remember to always hold skin taut and make delicate strokes in the direction of hair growth.

In some areas like the pubic area, especially in instances where it has been several months since your last shave-up, consider first using a comb-and-scissor combination to clean the area up first.

To make the shaving process easier, cleaner and to avoid cuts or in-grown hair, make sure to run warm water over the skin first so that it is moist and the pores are open. Once you have done that, make sure not to put the razor immediately to the skin. You will want to use something as a barrier such as soap or ideally shaving cream.

Create a thick lather and then apply it to the skin. This will help the razor run smoothly against the skin and ensure that you get as close a shave as possible without creating friction.


At-home waxing options come in many forms, pre-made sticky adhesives or liquids that will just require quickly being warmed up in the microwave. One of the best things to do is visit your local store and peruse through the isles to determine which option is best and easiest for you.

One of the things we recommend before starting is to test the wax you have purchased for both temperature and whether you are allergic to it. You can do this by testing out a small patch on your arm first.

This is particularly important to do if you are using the wax to tend to your pubic area so that you avoid burning your tender bits. Experts also recommend working with the wax in small sections and smoothing on the liquid in the direction of hair growth.

Once you have done that, wait 30 seconds to let it set and then hold the skin taut and pull as quickly as you can in the opposite direction. If this is your first time using this DIY method, make sure to take a deep breath pre-pull and then exhale as you yank.

This will definitely help you in terms of being able to handle the pain. Immediately thereafter place your fingers on the bare skin to ease any sting you might feel.

Do it Yourself

Whether you choose a tried and true method like shaving or you decide to be a bit more adventurous and go with waxing, there are plenty of options for DIY body hair removal.

There is no reason to opt for more expensive options especially if your current budget doesn’t have the space to include methods such as laser removal. No matter which option you choose, know that it is absolutely possible to find great DIY methods that you can do right from the comfort of your own home, especially if you purchase a highly effective hair removal handset.

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