Can Magento Increase eCommerce Sales?

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By Jacob Maslow

By now you must be living under a rock if you have not heard about Magento! If you are an eCommerce business, chances are that Magento can really help drive your online sales!

It does not matter if you are a tiny business who is just starting out or a massive company like Nike—Magento is proven to help drive sales for all types of businesses. This is because Magento is able to help the companies who use the platform to create a seamless customer journey on the website that prompts them to complete the purchase. It has got to be an easy and seamless experience if you want to win a sale in today’s fast-paced world and Magento is here to help you succeed.

It was actually rated as the most flexible eCommerce platform in the world and there is a 2.0 version that is looking to take the eCommerce world to a whole new level. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let us go back to our original point, which is how Magento can increase your eCommerce website’s sales.

We will walk you through it now!

  1.       It creates a seamless experience

Magento has the capability of using third-party extensions like eBay and Amazon, which means that customers who find you on any platform can easily be connected to your website, in which their journey will seamlessly continue. Depending on how your operations run and what sort of sales options you might have, you can customize the website to ensure that your customers know their options with you. More so, Magento enables you to build a responsive website, so your customer gets the same experience whether they are on a tablet or smartphone.

  1.       It builds the ultimate eDMs

You have to often keep trying with your customers to get the sales to win. This means that a follow-up eDM is an important part of the sales journey that cannot be forgotten about. Magento supports the majority of email marketing platforms and social media websites, so that you can easily send a follow up to a potential client and they can share with their friends as well.

  1.       It has pre-made features

You do not have to start from scratch with Magento. The platform knows the key tools to drive sales on your website. This means that you just have to choose which ones are relevant to your business. So, for example, if you wanted to run a coupon campaign, there is already a feature that is equipped to create and manage coupon codes! Or, if you wanted a more aggressive shopping cart, there is already a pre-made persistent shopping cart that will continually nag the customer to make the purchase already! And let’s not forget about your physical store as well! Magento lets you easily link to Google Maps, so potential customers can visit you in person as well.

  1.       It has auto-generated features

Magento not only has pre-made features, but they have auto-generated features to help you boost your sales! For example, Magento already has the capability of allowing you to rewrite all of your URLs to drive business to any part of your website and ensures they are search engine friendly. They also have auto-generated site maps that will be displayed on the website for the customer to refer to during their journey with you.

What is even better, is that you can work with a  Magento agency to help you navigate your way through all of the platform’s capabilities. That way, you will be best equipped to utilize everything Magento offers with certified experts to ensure you are using all of the benefits of the platform to really drive your eCommerce sales.


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