Brexit Movement Picking up Pace – Will the UK Really Pull the Pin?

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By Jacob Maslow

Support for a UK exit from the EU is picking up pace, according to recent polls carried out across the nation.

Despite warnings from Goldman Sachs that an exit would crush the pound and concerns voiced by CEOs in boardrooms across the UK about the potential impacts on the British economy, support for the movement continues to creep upwards in polls.

It is also influencing neighbouring European nations in France, Spain and Denmark, who are concerned about the current migrant influx and out of control border policies.

While political concerns may or may not be valid, analysts almost universally agree that a Brexit would be close to economic suicide in the short term. The EU has brought well over $20 billion to the UK’s table in terms of trade deals since its inception, and it is uncertain whether these deals would still stand should an exit take place.

Will the UK really pull the pin? Thankfully, polls also show that the majority of the UK are for remaining in the EU, with some reforms. The gap is closing day by day, however, and if PM Cameron doesn’t wrap up a deal with his European counterparts at the EU summit next week, it may just prove a tipping point for the Brexit movement.

How will you vote in the referendum? Is the UK better in or out of the EU?

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