Become a Video Game Streamer: Important Steps

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By Jacob Maslow

Do you want to intensify your love of video games? Then you should think about becoming a paid video game broadcaster. Online games used to be a small hobby, but now they are a huge business where pros make money and gain fans. Live streaming on YouTube is expected to be worth $184.3 billion by 2027. If you’re just starting, you can try YouTube intro maker, like Vista Create, because it won’t be easy to get there, but with the right plan, you can join the big names in game streaming.

We provide you with this tutorial on becoming a video game broadcaster to assist you in moving beyond the “humble beginnings” stage of your profession.

Guidelines for Becoming a Proficient Video Game Streamer

A functioning computer (or gaming console), a broadband internet connection, and an online game streaming service are all you need to get started. However, you should put some work into the production if you’re pursuing fame and money. Your internet connection is an important factor here. If you are worried that your current internet speed may not be able to provide you with the support needed to stream, then you may want to run a speed test. After you have gathered your speed test results you can then decide if you should change your internet provider/plan or if it is okay to stick with what you have.

Before you start streaming video games, consider the following six suggestions.

1.   Discover Your Niche

Finding your specialization is the simplest way to grow your following as a game streamer. Do you wish to demonstrate your gaming prowess by winning multiplayer battles or beating out other players in challenging games? Do you want to have a general conversation with fans while a basic background tune is being played?

You may quickly establish a reputation in the streaming community by identifying a niche few other game broadcasters have exploited.

2.    If You Don’t Play Games, Don’t Stream

You must be a dedicated player if you want to broadcast video games. The gaming community does not recognize or appreciate streamers who only seem to like video games but are only in it for the money or their 15 minutes of fame. This in no way implies that you need to be a seasoned player. Many game announcers became very famous when their films of embarrassing mishaps were widely shared online.

3.   Invest in a Better Streaming Rig

You need a strong PC if you want your broadcast to appear well. Even if you stream less resource-intensive games (older games, independent games with fewer assets, etc.), you’ll still have latency, audio problems, and other production artifacts. A setup for game streaming requires the following:

  • For encoding jobs, a fast CPU.
  • Strong GPU for games that operate at high frame rates and resolutions.
  • Clear audio with a good microphone.
  • Webcam to record gaming and record your responses.
  • Additionally, you will need live-streaming software and equipment, such as OBS Studio.

4. Make Use of Many Streaming Platforms

Consider video game streaming services analogous to television stations in their function. If your face is shown on many channels, more people will watch your program. Most streaming services let people sign up for free, which gives them access to a vast pool of people who might want to view their content. If you have a powerful personal computer, you can simultaneously broadcast your content to several platforms.

If you wish to start with a less competitive platform, look at our list of Twitch alternatives.

5. Launch a Channel on YouTube

In the past, the public was only aware of the most skilled players from across the globe. Today, all one needs is a YouTube or Twitch account to demonstrate one’s prowess in a particular video game to the rest of the gaming community. This may be accomplished in two different ways, through live-streaming or the administration of your gaming channel.

6. Get Money for Your Stream

You might feel like you’ve made it when you can make enough money from your game streaming to live on your own. To our relief, it is not quite as challenging as it may first seem. The objective is to make it easy for others to support the job that you are doing. Simply direct your audience to a button that will allow them to make a covert donation of a few dollars if they like what you have done.


The more you practice game streaming, like any other talent, the more proficient you’ll become. So keep going and have everything ready for game broadcasting.

You can make money while playing video games, which is the lifelong dream of many gamers if you have the right software, hardware, streaming equipment, and entertainment skills.


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