Average Onlyfans Subscription Price: A Concise Analysis

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By Jacob Maslow

The online platform OnlyFans has gained significant traction recently, providing an exclusive space for content creators to interact with subscribers and earn money through monthly subscriptions. One aspect that piques the curiosity of many potential subscribers is the average subscription price for accessing their favorite creator’s content.

On OnlyFans, the average subscription price is $16.49 per month. However, it’s essential to note that the costs can vary greatly depending on the creator and the type of content they offer. Many creators prefer to set realistic and affordable prices to attract more subscribers, which is why some charge as low as $6.99 for their content.

This article will explore the factors influencing subscription pricing strategies and how creators can monetize their content on OnlyFans. Understanding these elements will give potential subscribers a more comprehensive view of what to expect when joining the platform.

OnlyFans Platform Overview

History and Development

OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows content creators to monetize their work through subscription-based services. Initially launched in 2016, the platform has experienced rapid growth. By the end of 2021, OnlyFans had attracted over 170 million registered users and became a significant online platform for content creators to connect with their audience. The platform’s success can be partially attributed to its flexibility in allowing creators to set their subscription prices and the diverse range of content hosted on the site.

Content and Audience Demographics

The content on OnlyFans spans various categories, accommodating different interests and target audiences. Although it is often associated with adult content, creators from various industries, such as fitness, fashion, and lifestyle, have also found a place on the platform, resulting in diverse audience demographics.

Some key statistics about the platform include:

  • The average OnlyFans subscription price is $7.20
  • Content creators receive 80% of the subscription revenue, while the platform retains the remaining 20%
  • The average OnlyFans account has 21 fans
  • Subscription prices range from a minimum of $4.99/mo to a maximum of $49.99/mo

With its unique subscription-based model, OnlyFans has created a space where content creators can earn revenue directly from their fans while offering exclusive content. The platform continues to attract online traffic and expand its user base, positioning itself as a key player in the content creation industry.

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Average Subscription Price

Factors Affecting Pricing

On OnlyFans, the average subscription price is $16.49 a month, while some sources mention a lower average fee of $7.20 a month. This variance demonstrates that pricing can greatly differ depending on multiple factors. These factors may include:

  • The creator’s popularity and fan base
  • The type and quality of content
  • The frequency of content updates
  • Available discounts and promotional offers

Content creators, especially those offering adult or high-quality content, might charge higher subscription rates. For instance, creators producing frequent and high-quality content may charge up to $15.99 a month, according to the OnlyFans blog.

Comparing Top Creators’ Rates

Pricing strategies among OnlyFans’ top creators may vary significantly. Here are some examples of how these creators price their content:

  • Morgan Edwards (6,900 subscribers) charges $3 for the first month of content, a $30-per-month renewal rate, and discounted packages for longer subscription terms.

68% of OnlyFans creators utilize discounted subscription offers to attract new subscribers. Some creators might provide lower rates for first-time subscribers, while others may offer discounts for longer subscription durations. For example, a creator might charge:

  • Monthly fee: $10
  • Three-month fee: $27 (10% discount)
  • Six-month fee: $48 (20% discount)

In conclusion, the average subscription price on OnlyFans can vary significantly due to various factors, such as the creator’s popularity, content quality, and available discounts. Comparing top creators’ rates reveals that pricing strategies can differ extensively, with discounted offers crucial in attracting new subscribers.

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Earnings and Revenue

Top Earners and Their Income

OnlyFans has become a popular platform for content creators, especially influencers, to share exclusive photos and videos with their fans. With over 2.1 million content creators on the platform, there is a wide range of earnings for different individuals. Some of the highest-earning creators on OnlyFans make millions of dollars annually. For example, one influencer made over $5 million a year from OnlyFans, and another brought in $2 million in revenue, establishing themselves among the platform’s top earners.

Methods to Monetize Content

Content creators on OnlyFans have various ways to monetize their content and generate revenue. They can:

  • Set a subscription price between $4.99 to $49.99 per month
  • Receive tips from fans, starting at a minimum of $5
  • The charge for private messages with exclusive content

The average OnlyFans subscription is priced at $7.20, with creators keeping $5.76 and the platform taking a commission of $1.44. The average earnings from OnlyFans are $180 per month. However, the platform’s revenue has experienced significant growth in recent years, indicating that content creators have successfully monetized their exclusive content.

Year Revenue
2018 $5.8M
2019 $97M
2020 $375M
2021 $1.2B

New content creators and influencers need to recognize the potential for profit on OnlyFans. By understanding the experiences and successes of top earners on the platform, they can explore various methods to monetize their exclusive photos, videos, and other content. By doing so, they can contribute to the platform’s continued growth and revenue generation.

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Impact of the Pandemic

Shifts in User Statistics

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant increase in the number of users and content creators on OnlyFans. As people experienced lockdowns and were confined to their homes, the platform saw a surge in new users searching for alternative sources of income and entertainment. As of December, OnlyFans had more than 90 million users and more than one million content creators, a considerable growth compared to prior years.

The pandemic brought a remarkable shift in user statistics:

  • While many lost their jobs during the lockdowns, some turned to OnlyFans to generate income by selling subscription-based content.
  • Additionally, the number of visitors to the platform increased exponentially, resulting in a higher demand for content from creators.

Influence on Subscription Rates

The average subscription price on OnlyFans is $16.49 a month, but rates can differ greatly depending on the creator and type of content offered. The pandemic has had an impact on subscription rates in several ways:

  • Creators were able to attract larger audiences during lockdowns, leading some to adjust their pricing strategies to capitalize on this increased demand.
  • Given the variability of subscription costs, some creators started offering discounted rates or promotional offers to attract new subscribers and increase revenue during the pandemic.

Moreover, pay-per-view options allowed creators to provide content tailored to different audiences, benefiting users looking for specific content and creators who wanted to generate extra income.

In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted OnlyFans’ user statistics and subscription rates. The platform experienced a massive surge in users and creators, considerably influencing pricing strategies within the content creator community.

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Content Types and Popularity

OnlyFans is a platform where creators from different industries share various types of content with their subscribers. The platform gained popularity mainly due to adult content, but it has expanded to include other industries such as fitness, music, models, and health and wellness.

Notable Creators and Their Offerings

OnlyFans attracts a diverse range of creators to cater to the interests of their subscribers. Some of these notable creators include:

  • Adult content creators: Many people use OnlyFans to access exclusive adult content from their favorite Instagram models and performers. The platform allows these creators to monetize their content, with monthly subscriptions ranging from $4.99 to $49.99.
  • Fitness: Fitness enthusiasts and trainers have also found a home on OnlyFans, offering workout plans, personalized training sessions, and live streams to their subscribers. They may offer subscription prices on a similar range to adult content creators but adjust their fees based on the value offered.
  • Music: Musicians and aspiring artists use the platform to share exclusive music, behind-the-scenes content, and live performances. Subscription prices for music-related content may vary greatly depending on the artist’s popularity and content quality.
  • Models: Many models, both professional and amateurs, use the platform to share exclusive photos and videos with their fans, often charging a subscription fee that reflects their popularity and content quality.
  • Health and wellness: Professionals in this industry offer services on OnlyFans, from personalized meal plans and mental health support to meditation guidance. Subscription prices in this category typically reflect the personalized attention given to subscribers.


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Diverse Industries Using Onlyfans

The versatility of the platform has attracted creators from various industries. Some examples include:

  • Artists and illustrators sharing their work, live desktop streams, and tutorials
  • Cooks and chefs offering exclusive recipes, cooking classes, and expert tips
  • Writers and bloggers sharing articles, essays, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of their writing process

The average subscription fee on OnlyFans is $7.20, but prices can range significantly based on the creators’ industry, content quality, and demand. As a result, subscribers can access unique and exclusive content from a wide range of creators and industries, catering to their diverse interests and preferences.

Future Projections and Trends

Expected Growth and Expansion

The demand for content on OnlyFans will continue its upward trajectory in the coming years, leading to further growth and expansion. With more top creators joining the platform and increasing their following, the amount paid out to these individuals will also rise. The platform must adapt to these changes and remain sustainable and attractive to creators and subscribers.

One potential growth area is attracting venture capital, as mentioned by Statista. With the platform’s steadily rising monthly traffic and user base, it should become an attractive option for investment, fueling further growth.

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Changes in Pricing Strategies

As the platform continues to grow, the average subscription cost of $7.20 may experience fluctuations depending on various factors, including the type of content creators offer and market trends. To retain and attract new subscribers, creators are exploring different pricing strategies. It is common for creators to offer discounts for first-time or longer-term subscriptions, as seen in 68% of creators using discounted offers (source: Amra and Elma LLC).

A Business Insider report also highlights how seven OnlyFans creators employed personalized pricing strategies based on subscriber preferences and content consumption patterns. Examples include charging $3 for the first month of content and a higher renewal rate of $30 per month or leveraging discount packages.

The OnlyFans platform is expected to grow and expand as content demand rises. Changes in pricing strategies among creators will shape the platform’s trajectory, with more personalized, promotional, and targeted approaches being implemented to meet the varying needs of subscribers.


What is the average OnlyFans subscription price?

The average OnlyFans subscription fee is $7.20. Content creators on the platform can set their monthly subscription prices, which typically range between $4.99 and $49.99.

How much do creators earn on OnlyFans?

Creators on OnlyFans retain 80% of the revenue generated from their subscribers. This means that for a subscription fee of $7.20, the creator would earn approximately $5.76. Since subscription prices and individual creator earnings can vary greatly, it’s important to note that the average income for creators on the platform can differ.

Do creators offer discounts on their subscription prices?

Some creators offer discounts for longer-term subscriptions or special promotions to attract new subscribers. These discounts can be a percentage off the regular subscription price, such as 20% off for a one-month subscription or 15% off when subscribers purchase three months at once.

What types of content are available for purchase on OnlyFans?

In addition to subscription fees, creators can sell individual pieces of content through pay-per-view (PPV) messages. Common pricing for PPV content includes:

  • Images: At least $5 for each image, or bundled discounts such as 5 images for $20
  • Videos: $5-10 per minute

Remember that these are just general guidelines, and individual creators may have different pricing structures for their content.

How many new creators join OnlyFans each day?

Around 4,000-5,000 new creators are estimated to join the OnlyFans community daily. This growing platform provides a space for content creators to monetize their work and engage with a dedicated audience of subscribers.

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