Asus VivoWatch battery may outlast Apple Watch by factor of 10

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By Larry Banks

There has been a lot of discussion about the limitations of the Apple Watch battery recently, which is supposed to last around 18 hours on a single charge. Many people obviously see that as a weakness and it’s one that many other smartwatch companies (like Asus) aim to exploit in the near future.

Asus VivoWatch battery to last 10 days

Asus’ current ZenWatch is not the most advanced or fashionable smartwatch, and it’s not even really a true rival to the Apple Watch; however, the next version, called the Asus VivoWatch, may be a different story altogether.

According to Engadget, the Asus VivoWatch will pack an incredible ten days of battery life, and will be a fitness-focused device. It will also have other advanced functionality such as sleep and heart rate tracking and a GPS sensor.

Asus ZenWatch
Asus’ current-gen device, the ZenWatch.

The Asus VivoWatch will be fitness-focused, the site says, and it could have other bells and whistles like sleep and heart rate tracking and GPS. The device’s main selling point may well be the extra long battery life, which is seeking to exploit the perceived weakness in Apple’s watch.

It is thought that it will achieve the amazing battery life with a very efficient black and white display and coloured LED light combination, shown in the accompanying picture. It also may eschew Google’s Android Wear smartwatch operating system entirely and go with one of the company’s own systems.

There should be more details revealed this week. Regardless, as Apple has just sold a million Apple Watches in just six hours of the first day of preorders, Asus will have an uphill struggle to compete with Apple.

SOURCE: Engadget

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