Artist Yoko Ono, widow of John Lennon, rushed to New York hospital

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Artist Yoko Ono, who is the widow of legendary singer-songwriter John Lennon, has been rushed to a New York City hospital after she feared she was having a stroke, but a representative says her symptoms are more like a “serious flu.”

Ono, who turned 83 just last week, was rushed to Mount Sinai West Hospital in Manhattan just after 9 p.m. ET on Friday after a 911 call reporting a possible stroke. There were conflicting reports on whether or not she was conscious.

“To the best of my knowledge, she had symptoms along the lines of a serious flu, and her doctor thought it was best that she would get a check-up at the hospital,” spokesman Elliot Mintz told ABC News. “There is no stroke and there are no life threatening circumstances as has been described to me.”

Mintz added that Ono might be released on Saturday.

Ono and her husband Lennon released the album “Double Fantasy” in November 1980, just weeks before the legendary singer and songwriter was shot dead by Mark David Chapman. Lennon was pronounced dead at Mount Sinai West Hospital, which was at the time known as Roosevelt Hospital.

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