Are you a solo traveller to the city of Bangalore? No need to worry because there is a lot this city can offer

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By Richard

The city of Bangalore is very addictive in its vibe, which will attract people repeatedly. This charming city has lakes, cafes, pubs, trendy restaurants, shopping streets, and other areas. So, if you are visiting this particular city alone as a traveler or as a professional
reason, then the following are some of the best places that you should visit in addition
to booking your room in Holiday Inn Bangalore:

  1. Attending the play: The City of Bangalore provides you with the delightful element of art in the form of play in multiple theatre options. The best options in this case are conducted regularly, including comedy, musicals, and other places, which is why people should attend the play at a theatre. For example, Jagriti Theatre, KH Kala Soudha, and other associated areas can be perfectly visited by individuals to have the best time.
  2. Visiting the exhibitions: Bangalore also hosts many art and handicraft exhibitions across multiple locations at different times of the year. So, if you are a solo traveler, there is no need to worry because you can easily enjoy a glimpse of the region and culture through such options.
  3. Spending time with the books: If you love the books, there is no need to worry because Bangalore will be nothing less than a paradise for you. The city has iconic bookstores and libraries counted among the best places to visit alone. Blossom Book House, the Book Mom, State Central Library and other associated areas can be perfectly visited by you to have accessibility to the best possible Book options.
  4. Going for the morning walk at Cubbon Park: Another very important activity you can carry out as a solo traveler is to proceed with your days with a refreshing walk. Cubbon Park is one of the perfect places to begin your day, and ultimately, this will help provide you with easy accessibility to more than 6,000 plants and trees, which will be a soothing retreat to your senses even in the Evening time. So, for any nature lover, visiting this place is a good idea.
  5. Enjoying the cycling trip: A cycling trip is one of the best possible opportunities for getting around the nook and corner of the city and discovering the best-known facts about it. The best part of Bangalore is that it is a very large city; ultimately, you can easily enjoy pollution-free transportation without any problem. Getting in touch with the best possible organizations for the clubs and cycling tours in the city of Bangalore is a good idea for you so that you can easily have the best time in the city.
  6. Visiting the art galleries: If you are interested in enjoying the vibrant art-related scene of Bangalore, then you should visit the galleries because the city has many options. Visiting the National Gallery of Modern Art, the MAHUA Art Gallery, and other associated areas is a good idea in this case so that everyone can enjoy the best time.
  7. Spending the evening at the lake: The beauty of Bangalore will be perfectly lying in the fact that this particular city has been highly successful in keeping its touch with nature intact. Lovely options over here will be very capable of testifying that, ultimately, spending the evening in all such options will be the best opportunity to soak into the beauty of nature without any doubt.
  8. Eating and drinking at the local options: One of the best possible features of Bangalore is that it will be very welcoming for everyone. You will find a good number of friendly eateries and clubs in the city; ultimately, visiting all of these places is a good idea so that you can enjoy the best satisfaction for your cravings and your taste buds. Visiting the Sky Lounge, Plan B, and other associated options is a good idea to spend the best time here.
  9. Exploring the street food: Streets of the city of Bangalore very well help provide people with an element of magic, which is the main reason that you can easily enjoy it in the form of shopping, street food items and other associated areas. Visiting MG Road, Commercial Street, and the majestic market is a good idea so that you can enjoy the best possible shopping activity in addition to the basic element of street food without any problem.
  10. Meditation at the Art of Living International Centre: If you want to enjoy the best possible spiritual experience, attending the meditation session at the Art of Living International Centre is a good idea. ultimately, over here, you can easily indulge in Satsang and meditation to attain a state of bliss. In this case, you will be able to enjoy the element of divine knowledge without any problem, and ultimately, this will be a rejuvenating experience in itself very successfully. For anyone interested in seeing the element of solitude, this is one of the best possible elements and things to be done in the city of Bangalore.

In addition to the points mentioned above, visiting the ISKCON temple to offer prayers is a good idea for single travelers so they can spend the best time in Bangalore very easily. The trip from Holiday Inn Bangalore to any of these destinations will not take long. Staying there will be one of the best decisions that you can make because feeling lonely is never an option whenever you are travelling in Bangalore, and this can never be an excuse to avoid travelling. So, going out and making the most of your time in this wonderland of a city is definitely the best decision you can make in your life.

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