Apps Will Make or Break the Apple Watch

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By Jacob Maslow

Apple Watch on StandIf you want to know the prospects of the Apple Watch, you only need to ask Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). I know that sounds like a joke but based on Microsoft’s experience with the Windows Phone, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) definitely needs to get its app assets in line to hit the ball out of the park with the Apple Watch. Otherwise, it’s going to have a rough time ahead. In any kind of mobile wireless technology space, whichever platform has the most apps stands in a better position to dominate that particular space. Microsoft found this out in the hardest way possible. In fact, it had to resort to bribing app developers to create a ports version of their apps for the Windows Phone environment. That’s how bad it is for Microsoft in that space. If Apple is serious about making Apple watch a true breakout success, it has to make sure that all its app ducks are lined up properly. It cannot stumble out of the gate.

Another good analogy of a bad launch with crappy app or software support is Nintendo’s Wii U. When it launched, there weren’t enough games on the market, and it floundered. If Apple wants to succeed with this wearable wireless technology device, the apps have to be there.

With that said, considering the almost cult-like following Apple has in the tech space, you can bet there are going to be a lot of app ports as well as standalone apps made for the Apple Watch. The only question is are they the right kind of apps and are these apps enough? All these issues will be resolved once we get the first quarterly earnings report that reflects the Apple Watch’s impact. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the bottom line is if you think Apple is worth trillion dollars or more, the Apple watch might not put it there. With that said, the buzz and hype can put Apple over but to stay there it definitely needs a new device in a wider and more lucrative market. In other words, it needs to do really well with its automotive project.

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