Apple’s trillion dollar valuation strategy becomes clearer

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By Jacob Maslow

Apple CashWe’ve all heard of the big hype regarding the Apple Watch. A lot of analysts were shaking their heads regarding where their wireless technology initiative from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). These analysts were under the mistaken assumption that this was Apple’s game plan towards a 1 trillion dollar market valuation. Obviously, the Apple watch is not going to be enough to catapult Apple over the 1 trillion dollar mark. It is no surprise that a lot of analysts wrote a skeptical write ups regarding the Apple watch strategy. What these analysts missed is that Apple doesn’t look like its pursuing a one product approach to reaching a 1 trillion dollar market valuation. Instead, it appears to be dipping its fingers into its many different pies as possible. Just by looking at the recent news roster involving Apple, this strategy looks like its solidifying quite well.

First, Apple is working on the Apple Watch that is going to deliver a healthy stream of revenues. Obviously, this is not going to be enough in of itself to justify a 1 trillion dollar market valuation for Apple, in light of the fact that the iPhone 6 sales figures that it reported last quarter, probably would not be duplicated in coming quarters. What is interesting about Apple’s strategy is that it appears to be focusing on many different income streams.

In addition to Apple Watch, there’s also news of IBM enterprise apps debuting on the Apple iOS platform. What is obviously more promising is HBO’s recent announcement that it’s partnering with Apple for a rival movie streaming service. Hanging above all these is of course Apple Pay and its blockbuster paying process potential. Put all these loose revenue streams together and add it to the massive revenue stream Apple is enjoying from its iPhone product and its 1 trillion dollar strategy becomes more apparent. Apple is not looking towards one or two products to move it forward, instead, its looking at a multiple product strategy.

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