Apple Watch Sport is the most popular Apple Watch model

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By Larry Banks

Even though you could spend a whopping $17,000 on the Apple Watch Edition, it seems that most people who intend to buy Apple’s new smartwatch plan to pick up the cheapest model.

According to several polls, the cheapest version of the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport, is the model that most people plan to buy, starting at $349.

Polls suggest Apple Watch Sport is the most popular model

The polls originate from lots of Apple fan sites, blogs, and research firm, with the first of them being on Fortune. In most of these polls, more than 50% of likely buyers say they plan to buy the Apple Watch Sport.

The Sport model is made from aluminium and ion-strengthened glass, which isn’t quite as attractive (in some people’s opinion) to the regular Apple Watch, which is made out of a special steel alloy and sapphire glass. That model starts at $549, whereas the solid gold Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000.

In most of the polls, around %40 of owners said they would buy the steel model, and fewer than %3 said they’d buy the gold Edition model. But despite the huge variations in price, all of the various Apple Watch models have identical functionality. They all have the same features, software, battery life and more. It’s basically the style and materials that cost more.

Apple Watch Bands Slice Intelligence
In terms of Apple Watch bands, the black sport band is the most popular.


It remains to be seen what the actual sales figures of the Apple Watch will be, but initial estimates (like those from Slice Intelligence) suggest that Apple managed to sell almost a million Apple Watches in the first six hours of sales in the US alone.

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