Apple aims to bring entire product line to India

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By Larry Banks

Apple CEO Tim Cook is currently in India on a nationwide tour, and continued the tour by giving a one on one interview with a local TV network, sharing insights into the firm’s plans for the developing market.

Cook spoke with Vikram Chandra from NDTV, and covered some of the same talking points that were covered in an interview in The Hindu earlier. But with almost 40 minutes of time, Cook was also able to talk in more detail about initiatives planned for India including an effort to bring the firm’s current lineup to the huge Asian market.

During a limited period in India, Cook said he’d learned much about India’s business and culture, two of the key elements Apple must understand to increase its presence and appeal in the region. Apple’s approach involves evaluating government operations, consumer culture, media, services, and more. This also includes key investments such as a recently-announced iOS development centre in Bengaluru and a Maps development centre in Hyderabad.

He also said that the Indian market is a top-five priority for Apple. Wall Street has been concerned recently that Apple faces a tough time ahead in China, a huge market that Apple expects could one day be its largest. This has prompted speculation that the iPhone maker will boost its efforts in India, and given the statements made by Cook, the rumours look like being true.

Apple is also reportedly in talks with Indian mobile operators, government agencies and corporations over its future initiatives. Part of this includes an expansion in hardware, retail sales, Internet services and more, although it must first obtain regulatory approvals and private sector partnerships.


SOURCE: AppleInsider.

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