Apple Maps in iOS 9 adds a feature that Google Maps doesn’t have

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By Larry Banks

Taking the underground in a city such as London, Hong Kong or New York can be daunting at times, especially if you’re not sure which exit you’re supposed to take. Navigating through the station is bad enough, but how can you be sure you’ll exit onto the street at the most convenient place?

Apple Maps in iOS 9 identifies correct exit

Apple aims to make the whole process much easier in iOS 9, which is due for release in a little over 2 months when the next iPhone is announced. Besides adding public transit directions to Apple Maps, the company is adding a feature that tells you which exit to take when you leave the subway or train station.

For example, if you’re at the front of the train, Apple Maps would suggest that you take an exit in the middle or opposite end of the track as it may be closer to your destination.

It’s a small feature admittedly, but could be especially useful in big cities like New York, where leaving at the correct exit can save time and confusion.

Google Maps of course already has a great public transit guide, but it doesn’t yet have this functionality. It does tell you which direction you are facing so you can tell which way to work. If you examine the blue dot in Google Maps, there’s an arrow that tells you the direction you’re facing.

This is just one of many improvements slated for Apple Maps when iOS 9 is launched in the fall. Siri will also be able to hook into Apple Maps, meaning you’ll be able to ask for directions to a place without having to enter it manually.

At the launch, public transit directions in Apple Maps will be available in Berlin, London, Mexico City, Toronto, New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC.

SOURCE: BusinessInsider.

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