Apple releases iPad Pro. Reviews claim most powerful mobile device

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By Larry Banks

Apple has just released it’s biggest iPad yet, the iPad Pro. A spate of early reviews have already begun to surface on the Internet, with the majority of them coming to a similar conclusion: the iPad Pro is certainly the best and most powerful iPad the US-based company has produced, but the limitations of iOS mean that it’s not really a full laptop replacement yet.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more prominent reviewers’ comments:

Walt Mossberg of Re/Code

Walt Mossberg is one of the most well known Apple writers on the web, and is usually pro-Apple. Unsurprisingly, he rated the iPad Pro as a great tool for creative professionals. He was also blown away by the Apple Pencil (the tablet’s stylus) and said the battery life was impressive too.

He stated that he won’t use the iPad Pro to replace a Mac laptop however, mainly due to the keyboard, which he criticised for its lack of iPad-specific shortcuts and no backlight. Mossberg says the iPad is a better productivity tablet however than Microsoft’s surface mainly due to the wider selection of iPad-optimised apps.


David Pierce from Wired said the iPad Pro had excellent performance, as well as its display. He enjoyed the Apple Pencil but reiterated comments made by others that the Smart Keyboard doesn’t live up to the hype and that the lack of shortcut buttons was a limiting factor.

Pierce said the touch-oriented design of iOS means the iPad Pro can’t really act as a true laptop replacement, and he said a mouse would be useful in some situations. He did say that the next generation of consumers whose primary computer is a smartphone should find a more natural progression to the iPad Pro.

Ars Technica

Andrew Cunningham of Ars Technica praised the iPad Pro’s performance as well as the more powerful speakers. The Pencil is a great addition to the device, though he criticised the total price when the Pencil and Smart Keyboard are added.

The lack of iOS 9 multitasking support in apps is a limitation, as well as the basic nature of multitasking on the iPad Pro. Cunningham also said he desired an easier way to store the Apple Pencil with the iPad Pro.

SOURCE: AppleInsider.

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