Andrew Rudnick Truly Embodies The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship WIth Multiple Successful Endeavors To His Name

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By Jacob Maslow

Andrew Rudnick is a man who embodies the very essence of entrepreneurship. He has not only managed to create a variety of successful business, he has also helped establish niche industries and even highly anticipated social events.

MatzoBall Singles Party

One of the most highly anticipated events of the year for Jewish singles is MatzoBall. The idea was created from an experience Andrew had while in college. He attended a rather bland social gathering on Christmas Eve for some Jewish singles. He realized that if the concept was executed correctly, it could really become a successful and highly anticipated annual event in the Jewish community. Today, thousands have attended this event and some have even found their match.

Business Endeavors

It’s one thing to create a successful company. It’s quite another to create several. Andrew Rudnick has not only managed to make his companies successful, they have taken on a life of their own and helped to expand the markets they work within and around.

Hit Squad Media

One of his most well-known business endeavors is Hit Squad Media. They are a lead generation company that specializes in creating opportunities for businesses to expand their customer base and create brand awareness. Andrew applied his expertise in the media field to create a company that is intuitive and works to enable other businesses to succeed and expand.

Sleek MedSpa

Andrew created the MedSpa craze with the creation of his SleekMedSpa in the Boston shopping mall. Today, hundreds of other MedSpas have followed his business plan and have attained great success. His vision has truly revolutionized the cosmetic procedure industry.


With the success of the MedSpa concept, Andrew went on to establish Britesmile, a cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic medical procedure clinic. Some of the services offered including dental whitening include:

Laser hair removal
Botox and fillers
Skin tightening

Medical Weight-loss Centers

Andrew Rudnick also launched the incredibly successful medical Weight Loss Centers across the country. He was able to use his cosmetic medical business experience, in addition to marketing and data mining to reach a wide audience. His minimal 9K investment has turned into a multi-million dollar business.

Andrew Rudnick is known as an expert in marketing and strategy. He has an ability to extract useful information and apply it to marketing endeavors as well as customer interactions. Andrew knows what it takes to create a successful company and he is also a person who truly embodies the meaning of the word entrepreneur.

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