Amazon Key for Business: Unlock New Opportunities with Amazon Key for Your Business

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By Jacob Maslow

Demand for online purchases continues to grow, resulting in a spike in package deliveries. Without homeowners, delivery couriers often have to leave packages outside or waste time waiting for someone to open for them.

Amazon Key for Business allows you to unlock new opportunities with its installed access control systems with a smart fob for simplifying Amazon deliveries.

What is Amazon Key for Business?

The growing demand for Amazon delivery services created the need for the company to develop a simplified process for their customers to receive their parcels. The result is a fob that connects to the internet by placing it next to another current access control system.

With its Amazon key for business, Amazon solved several problems. These include the time wasted by delivery couriers as they waited for access to buildings, parcel theft, or damage in bad weather.

With its innovative solution, you can unlock new opportunities with Amazon key for business, especially for homes and companies receiving regular deliveries.

Amazon Key for Business Features

As a business owner, Amazon’s key for business provides your enterprise with an efficient way for Amazon and others to deliver your packages on time and safely every time. These are the key features of the Amazon Key for Business smart fob:

Automated access for delivery personnel – Your courier can deliver your packages by gaining entry with the Amazon Key, which integrates with any existing access control systems. Therefore, Amazon business partners and other third-party deliveries can get access to gates, doors, or garage entrances.

Safety – The courier gets a one-time entry allowance to deposit the package. They cannot see the building’s general access code. Once the courier delivers the box, they confirm the entrance’s relocking and cannot re-enter the building once their access time has expired.

No interference with other access control systems – During the delivery, residents or employees can access the different access control systems without any interference.

Secure multi-factor authentication – For security purposes, Amazon verifies the courier’s credentials before granting them access by using GPS technology and the delivery window.

Confirmation of delivery: Recipients receive notification of the package delivery. However, they can also add an Amazon cloud cam with the Amazon Key for Business, allowing them to view a video confirmation of the package delivery.

Compatibility – Amazon Key for Business is compatible, meaning it can integrate with most access control systems available today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Amazon Key for Business

Amazon’s key for business provides a seamless way to receive parcels at your home or company. However, as with most things, it has some pros and cons:


Increased Efficiency – As a delivery system, Amazon’s key for business reduces the workload of employees in companies that receive a lot of parcels, who can get on with other work instead of having to leave their posts to fetch packages at the building entrance. For homeowners, it means that they don’t have to wait at home to receive parcels on busy days. The courier can access their building entrance to place the box in a safer place until they can come home. That way, their parcels are safe from theft or damage by the elements.

Smart Delivery – Smart technology and automation have made shopping online easier, even for goods available elsewhere.

Wider delivery access – Unlike Amazon Key, which is only available to Amazon deliveries, Amazon Key to Business grants access to other approved third-party providers through Amazon technology. Property managers can add or remove providers like restaurants, grocery store deliveries, and other courier services. Read more on

Reduced Teft and Parcel Damage – When you are unavailable to receive a parcel, you have probably often told your courier to leave it outside, leaving it vulnerable to theft or elements.

Ease of Installation – Amazon key for business is straightforward to install.

Compatibility – Another advantage of the system is its compatibility with most available access control systems.


Concerns and Privacy and Security – Amazon key for business does not please all the residents within a building because some may have concerns about their security or the building’s privacy.

Damages and Theft May Still Occur – Even though the service aims to eliminate damages to and the theft of delivered packages, it’s not foolproof. It’s improbable that residents will steal a box, but some company and residential buildings allow access to many people throughout the day. The Amazon Cloud cam is an additional safety method because it provides video footage of the delivery.

Not Always Compatible – Amazon Key for Business works perfectly with most access control systems. However, if a building has a much older system, you may need to upgrade them before installing the access fob.

How Key for Business Works

The system enables Amazon delivery services and other approved third-party vendors to make deliveries by accessing a building entrance. When a courier arrives at the building equipped with an Amazon Key for Business, they get access to unlock the part they can access from their phone. Units, where more families receive deliveries from Amazon, get the Amazon key for Business installation and service for free. However, they will need to pay for any access system upgrades if they aren’t compatible and to install the cloud cam.

Here’s how it all works:

  • First, you must install the Key for Business device on the access point of your building.
  • When the courier arrives at your building with a parcel for delivery, they use the Amazon Flex app on their smartphone to unlock the door or gate that provides them access to deliver the package within your building.
  • Businesses also have the option of requesting access or getting automatic entry.
  • Before granting the courier access to the building, Amazon verifies and matches their credentials to the package sent for delivery.
  • Once confirmed, the driver gets temporary access to the building to deposit the package.
  • Since the device is installed on top of an existing access control system, it gives the courier access to the building.
  • The courier places the parcel at the agreed location, exits the premises, and ensures the door closes securely before leaving.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Amazon Key for Business

·      Install a Cloud Cam – Adding an Amazon cloud cam with the Amazon key for business devices adds another layer of security. It allows you to check video footage of the delivery and confirm its success.

·      Secure your System – Ensure you keep your system secure by regularly changing the access code when necessary and properly setting up all security measures.

·      Keep Track of Your Deliveries – You must always know who is making deliveries on your property and what they are delivering. Ensure you have detailed records of all orders and deliveries made at any given time.

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Final Take

Amazon Key for Business is an excellent tool for businesses and homes that receive regular deliveries. Even though the system does have some disadvantages, it has advantages for busy people and those who want to protect their deliveries. You can see here another similar scalable solution.


What is Amazon Key for Business?

Amazon Key for Business is a delivery system that allows approved third-party vendors to make deliveries by accessing a building entrance.

How does it work?

The courier uses the Amazon Flex app on their smartphone to unlock the door or gate that provides them access to deliver the package within your building.

Can I take any additional security measures with Amazon Key for Business?

You can add an Amazon cloud cam with the Amazon Key for Business, allowing you to view a video confirmation of the package delivery. This will help ensure your parcels are secure from theft or damage.

Is Amazon Key for Business compatible with all access control systems?

Amazon Key for Business is compatible with most available access control systems but may require upgrades if your building uses an older system.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Amazon Key for Business?

Advantages include increased efficiency, smart delivery, wider delivery access, reduced theft and package damage, ease of installation, and compatibility. Disadvantages include concerns over privacy and security, potential damages or theft still occurring during deliveries, and not always being compatible with existing access control systems.​

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