4 Must-Have Resources for Acing the CISSP Exam

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By Jacob Maslow

To advance your career as a cybersecurity professional, obtaining certifications is a must. Without these credentials, you’ll be hard-pressed to move forward financially and professionally. One avenue to pursue career advancement is CISSP certification.

Luckily, abundant resources are accessible to excel in the test. Among them, Certified Information Systems Security Professional Online Training is pivotal for achieving a strong performance on the first attempt. These resources equip candidates to confidently approach test day and understand the requirements of the CISSP exam. Let’s explore some of the most favored tools for securing success.

4 Must-Have Resources for Passing the CISSP Exam

Finding an individual who could ace the CISSP exam without some pre-test preparation would be rare. To have extensive knowledge in all eight domains of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge without additional study resources is difficult to achieve without a decade or more of cybersecurity employment. Most candidates for the exam will require time devoted to study and test preparation.

1.    Find an Expert Mentor

A great resource, either face-to-face or online, is to have a mentor who can help you advance your career by becoming CISSP certified. They can help guide you with your studies and provide you with first-hand knowledge of their experiences taking the CISSP exam. If no one in your organization’s open to mentoring, a good place to search for one is on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

2.    Enroll in a CISSP Masterclass

Investing in a masterclass is the best way to ensure a successful CISSP test-taking experience. They provide the most information in numerous ways that are easily digested. Many use flashcards, video explanations for troubleshooting issues, and sample tests that will help expose the candidate’s weak areas. Since the CISSP exam will push heavily on a candidate’s weakness, knowing what they are can help to even out the playing field when preparing.

Another benefit of a CISSP masterclass is that once enrolled, it can help candidates to avoid procrastinating and putting off proper studying. It’s much easier to schedule adequate time to focus on the masterclass’s materials rather than diving into a paperback textbook.

3.    Practice Tests and Study Books

Candidates who prefer a more hands-on and old-school method of CISSP exam preparation can purchase one or more of the many cybersecurity CISSP study books and practice exams. Although memorization techniques may not be of much benefit when taking the computerized adaptive test, diving into books written about the CISSP 8 domains could prove to be helpful.

4.    Online CISSP Communities

Several online CISSP study groups exist that can help provide valuable resources and moral support. Some groups can be used as think tanks to help others discover the best ways to prepare for the exam, while others can provide moral support. The more a candidate engages in online discussion, the higher the likelihood they’ll gain more insight into what will help them pass the exam.

5.    Flashcards and Mindmaps

Within the arsenal of resources available for CISSP exam preparation, the power of flashcards, videos, and mindmaps is not to be underestimated. These visual aids offer a concise and effective approach to reinforcing crucial concepts and relationships across the CISSP’s extensive domains. Flashcards serve as quick reminders of key information, aiding in memory retention and quick recall during the exam. On the other hand, mindmaps provide a holistic view of interconnected concepts, facilitating a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Use All the Resources You Have Available to Ace the CISSP Exam

To advance your cybersecurity career, obtaining certifications is key. Without these credentials, IT professionals can quickly find themselves locked into a going-nowhere dead-end job. The cybersecurity world has plenty of growth opportunities; however, there’s nowhere to go without becoming certified. Many choose CISSP certification to advance their careers.

The CISSP exam is known to be a difficult one to pass. The eight domains of the Common Body of Knowledge are vast, and it could prove too difficult to pass the exam without studying and effort. Enrolling in a CISSP masterclass has helped many pass this grueling exam on the first try. If you’re considering signing up for the test, consider enrolling in a CISSP masterclass at least three months before your test date.

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