A Step-By-Step Guide to Buying and Selling NFTs

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By Jacob Maslow

Contrary to popular belief, buying and selling NFTs is nowhere near complicated. You may be surprised to find out how simple the process is. Many people are wondering right now just precisely how do NFTs work? The NFT space and metaverse and Web 3.0 ideas have become so commonplace in the last couple of years that mass adoption has already begun.

The entire Web 3.0 world may seem very mystical. However, despite all of its complex jargon and techno-wizardry, many of these tools have been built to be very simple to use. Finding out how to buy and sell NFTs is integral to understanding how NFTs work. If this interests you, read on to find out exactly how.

What Will I Need to Buy or Sell and NFT?

If you wish to buy or sell an NFT, there are a few things that you will need. The first thing you are going to need is a crypto wallet. The crypto wallet will be where you store all of your crypto coins, and it will be how you identify yourself in many NFT marketplaces. Depending on which crypto wallet you choose, some can buy and sell cryptocurrency natively and transfer cryptocurrency to fiat currency and vice versa. Many wallets operate this way, but others only hold cryptocurrencies to send them back and forth. Unfortunately, these may be the most likely to be compatible with NFT marketplaces, so that you may need at least one of both types.

To make any transactions on the NFT marketplace, you will also need cryptocurrency. The specific cryptocurrency you will need will depend on which NFT marketplace you are working with. This should also determine which wallet you use because you need to ensure your wallet is compatible with the coin.

Once you create a wallet and purchase some coins, you are set to buy and sell your first NFTs. Depending on the marketplace you are working with, you may also have to create an account, but this account will be linked with your crypto wallet. Between the account and your wallet, this is how you will identify and verify yourself and your interactions.

How Do I Put an NFT Up For Sale

Putting an NFT up for sale is probably more straightforward than you think. Since NFTs have recently gained popularity, platforms have made it a mission to become user-friendly and straightforward, allowing most people to do their business with the least amount of problems. In addition, since many people have been asking questions like “how do NFTs work?” developers in the space have been trying to make them as simple to understand as possible. Thus, putting an NFT up for sale has become relatively simple on many of the most popular NFT marketplaces.

Now that you have your crypto wallet and crypto coins already set up and available and have made an account on the marketplace you have decided to use; the process is simple. We are assuming you already have your NFT created, something original, and that you have all of the rights to use for selling. If you do not, you may want to consider finding something that you have the right to use to avoid any legal or financial consequences.

You will first have to upload your NFT to the blockchain, a process known as minting. Uploading to the blockchain is no different from uploading anything else to the Internet. It is often as simple as clicking “Upload” and letting the platform do all the work itself. You will have to pay a gas fee for the transaction, and then you can decide whether your NFT will be put up for sale or put up as an auction.

How Do I Buy An NFT?

Buying an NFT is even simpler than selling one. You will need the same items as a crypto wallet and crypto coins in the selling process. Plus, you will have to find the NFT you want in whatever marketplace is sold.

Once you have all of this together, the buying process is simple. If the NFT has been put up for sale, you can click “Purchase” or “Buy,” and the transaction will go through. However, if the NFT is up for auction, you will have to bid for it and outbid anybody else looking to purchase the NFT as well. Digital NFT auctions work the same way as regular auctions, as bidding takes place and the highest bidder wins. If you get the highest bid, you will be able to purchase the NFT. If not, you will be out of luck.

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