A Guide to Influencer Mailers

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By Jacob Maslow

It’s 2021, and influencer marketing is a trailblazer when it comes to marketing methods. If your company doesn’t have influencers, you’re missing out on valuable revenue. Influencers are people with large social media followings on either Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch. 

Because of their status and the number of followers they have, they’re a great way to increase your brand’s reliability. By hiring an influencer to promote your brand, hundreds of thousands to millions of people will hear about your brand from someone they trust, making them more likely to purchase. 

The best way to keep influencers is to give them products that they’ll love. Here’s where influencer mailers or PR mailers come in. 

Different Types of Mailers

Mailers should catch the attention of your influencers, making them want to share more about it on their social media handles. There are different types of mailers that you can send out to your influencers throughout the year, including: 

  • Introduction Mailer: This is the first package your influencer would receive, so it’s essential to make it extra special. Fill it with products you know that they’ll love and want to share. 
  • General PR Mailer: This is the mailer you’ll send out when new products drop. You’ll send out a roundup of what’s new, usually before the official drop of the product. 
  • Themed Mailers: These are great to send out around holidays and can encourage influencers to produce specific types of content, such as the best stocking stuffers or everything you need to celebrate the 4th of July. What themes you choose will depend on what you’re sending/selling.  

Personalize Products to Influencers

To make your mailers stand out, you should constantly personalize them to the influencers you’re sending them to. Keep in mind the type of products that they like and what types of products they’ve enjoyed sharing the most in the past. 

If you’re sending out a product with a size or a match (like makeup), always make sure that you’re sending out the right size and color match to your influencers. There’s nothing more disappointing than receiving the wrong size or the wrong shade of foundation. This may make them less enthusiastic about sharing your products with their feed. 

Use Promo Codes

A great way to ensure that your influencer marketing is successful is to include promo codes with mailers. This way, your influencers can share the love with their followers, encouraging them to get products for a discount! 

Make Sure it’s Picture Perfect

Before sending out any mailers, think about how the products can be shared. Give your influencers packaging that is picture-perfect. A stunning box and pretty packaging can make the product photoshoot a lot easier for your influencers, meaning they’ll post much faster. 

Packaging that has a “wow factor” will also make influencers more eager to share about the fabulous new products that were delivered. Everything you do for your mailers should work towards impressing influencers and encouraging them to make great content. 

Follow Up! 

Don’t be afraid to follow up with your influencers to see how you’re doing and how the relationship is growing. Ask them what you can do better and how you can improve in the future. Influencers love to feel like their included in the influencer program. For example, many influencers complained years ago about how makeup brands were sending them huge packages that were wasteful. Because of their input, beauty companies began reducing the size of their parcels. 

Working with your influencers will keep them happy and make them feel included in the process. In turn, you’ll get to send them more products that they love, and they’ll keep making great content for you!

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