7 Up-And-Coming Brands Every Investor Should Keep An Eye On

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By Jacob Maslow

Investing in just any stock is an easy option you can make as an investor. But if you want to invest in the right stock, you must conduct the necessary research, which few people want. If you’re going to invest in the best of the best brand stock, then keep reading because we have seven up-and-coming brands you might want to invest in.

1. Allbird

Allbird is a shoemaker brand that designs and manufactures shoes with eco-friendly materials. The manufacturers produce shoes with a machine that removes the carbon dioxide from the air, thereby making the earth a better place.

2021 was a good year for this company’s IPOs. But when 2022 started, a blow came to the company’s income generation and price in the stock market. As a result, BIRD (its name in the stock market) currently has an IPO price lower than what it used to be before. Also, the company’s shares are 80% lower than their previous week-highs.

Though the current situation of Allbird might seem discouraging since it has a cap price of less than $700 million, it is still a sign that the company’s stock will rise again. As it is, investors want to buy shares in a company that offers the earth a better environment. Unfortunately, not many companies offer this as well as Allbird does. This means there is a high possibility of this company’s stock value increasing in the coming years.

2. Dutch Bros

Dutch bros started in 1992 as a coffee shop. Then it was a drive-through coffee shop. Today, dutch bros has over 400 restaurants spread across 12 states in the US. Dutch bros have a market value of $1.8 billion, showing the company’s size. Before the year 2022 runs out, the company hopes to open up more branches in the US.

Investors should keep an eye on this company’s stock because, as a company in the foods and drink market, it has managed to stay there years afloat. The food and drinks industry has a lot of competition, and not many companies can survive in the field.

Currently, this company has a stock price that goes 60% below its annual price. Its current share price is $33.32.

3. Amazon.com

Amazon.com, for several years, has remained strong and is one of the best company stocks investors continue to watch. However, in 2020, during the pandemic era, Amazon.com’s stock took a negative turn, dropping drastically. However, this is not the first time Amazon’s stock has

dropped. The good thing is that when this happens, Amazon tends to come back better than it was.

Amazon is undoubtedly one company you should continue to keep an eye on in 2022 and even beyond.

4. Bill.com

Bill.com is a financial technology-based company that helps start-up businesses have an improved payment system. This brand’s software makes accounting procedures easier for those companies. Besides making accounting easy, it helps to save money too. As of 2021, Bill.com had an increased amount of revenue. This revenue was up to 51% in the fiscal. Starting in just 2006, the company already has a customer reach of over 100,000 users. The company partners with many big companies, such as TED, Burger King, Thumbtack, and Dialpad.

The company’s share’s in recent years have jumped by 69%. Its shares started at $32. Bill.com is one company investors should look out for its stock. The company has continued to grow. The service it provides is something that is not so rampant in the market. This means that the competition.

5. Lemonade

This is an innovative start-up company. Lemonade is a tech company that specializes in helping its customers get insurance easily and faster than ever before. Tech is gradually taking over the world, and the founders of this company have taken the opportunity of it. Thanks to its AI, purchasing insurance is nothing like the traditional method. By 2021, the number of users on its platform exceeded 1 million.

The company started in 2015 and has a stock price of $21.71. The company shows good potential in the stock market. Investors should consider not wanting to miss investing in this kind of business brand.

6. Sunrun

If you’re an investor interested in a company that manufactures environment-friendly equipment, then Sunrun is a company’s stock you want to look into. The company started in 2007, and today it is in charge of fixing 20% of US Solar panels. This company is not just a traditional solar panel company but is bringing new things into the Solar panel market. One of its innovations is producing a power plant that allows the selling of stored solar energy.

Recently, this company has been surfing new waves as it acquired one of its competitors. Besides this, Sunrun is advantaged by government legislation, which encourages greener and healthier health. Based on ranking, Sunrun stock is a strong buy. Meaning it is a good company you might want to invest in 2022. By the way, the company continues to exist as one of the best, even with the amount of Solar energy-based companies. This is an additional sign that adding this to your portfolio is a good idea.

7. Coinbase Global

If there’s any reason why you should keep an eye on this company, the reason is this company offers cryptocurrencies to its clients. As you may already know, cryptocurrency is one of the biggest markets. The company completed its IPO in 2020. That year, Coinbase finished with more than 10 million monthly users. This is far more than the number of users during the pandemic.

Thanks to the number of users that patronized this company in 2021, its yearly revenue increased to $7 billion.


Remember that the stock market is continuously changing. Don’t forget to do proper research and analysis before investing in any company’s stock. There are other stocks that you may want to add. Do the right thing by knowing everything about that company before harvesting; however, if the above are some of the best stocks to invest in in 2022.

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