7 Industries that Are Thriving During the Covid Pandemic

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By Richard

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the greatest threat to businesses in 2020. Economic activities were in halt, and many businesses exhausted all possible means to survive. The struggle is real in what we consider as the COVID-19 “job market”. Unfortunately, several businesses had closed, many jobs were laid off, and profits had been severely affected.

While some industries were badly hit by the pandemic, there is a handful who seem to flourish even during the pandemic. These are the businesses whose workers and owners discovered strategies to thrive. In awe, we might ask, “How did you do it?”

Scroll below and find out the seven industries which can ride the tide smoothly.

  1. Virtual Meeting Industry

Because of the new normal brought about by the coronavirus, employees were encouraged and forced to stay-at-home work schemes to limit contact and therefore contain the virus. To maintain communication, companies had to depend on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and several other platforms. These platforms were in demand since work during the pandemic must be done virtually, instead.

  1. E-learning Industry

Because of the pandemic, parents and guardians become hesitant to send their children to school and attend classes physically. The anxiety among learners and teachers on their safety against the pandemic can be felt worldwide. Even university students had felt the tension, as they were sent home to study via different modalities adjusted for the new normal. Schools shut down, education was jeopardized as classes had to be suspended.

As schools closed doors, online education boomed. Several AI resources replaced real-life teachers. Students studied with the help of online resources. Online schools had proliferated.

E-learning not only provides learners access to unlimited knowledge. It also served as a springboard for them to master new hobbies and learn new skills. E-learning enabled students to study online and enroll in schools very distant from their location. Even without the need for enrollment and tuition payment, learners can swim in the ocean of online literature. Educational videos are all over the internet which serves as an opportunity for everyone to learn. Because everyone is dedicated to continuous and lifelong learning even during the pandemic, e-learning is a big thing and holds so much promise.

  1. Online Fitness Industry

Because of the pandemic, everything is now online, even the health and fitness industry. Even before coronavirus, fitness enthusiasts had flocked gyms and fitness studios, but the temporary closure of these had forced individuals to go online. The fitness industry is now offering its services virtually.

During the lockdowns, most people had turned to food to release their stress. Eating a lot would make them gain more weight, and that is where the desperation to go back to the gym comes. Fitness-conscious individuals remodeled their homes to have their workout stations where they can freely have their routine exercises. They then purchased workout equipment and came up with some workout plans.

  1. Online Streaming Services

Since outdoor physical activities are not allowed during the lockdown, people have no choice but to remain in the comforts of their homes. To fight boredom, most people subscribed to online streaming services as a means of entertainment. Instead of going to the movie theatre, they would rather watch a movie on the couch in their own homes.

Everyone wants entertainment, and this is the job for Hulu, Amazon, Disney Plus, Spotify, YouTube Premium, and Netflix. They provide people with something to watch for during the pandemic. They are therapeutic in a sense since they become major distractors to people and keep them sane and high spirit regardless of how grave the pandemic situation had been.

Meanwhile, most of the teens are into social media. They are observed to be on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook most of the time, posting about their day, lamenting about the horrors of COVID, and sharing about just anything under the sun. These services give the customers not only a source of entertainment but a means of communication and social interaction as well.

  1. Gaming Industry

Some would develop their strategic thinking while being entertained at the same time. These are the people who spent their lockdowns playing online games. The gaming industry allowed players to learn and be socially active. During the pandemic, video game sales had risen, and a lot of teens had turned on online gaming.

  1. Home delivery industry

During the pandemic, the best thing we can give to ourselves is good health. So, we have to eat healthy foods, but since going outside is a risk, the home delivery industry became our redeemer. Supermarkets and grocery stores with delivery services catapulted big time in the business world.

Aside from supermarkets, cafes and restaurants offer delivery services and takeaway orders to maintain their operations. If not, they must close doors since the pandemic compelled everyone to dine inside their homes for safety. Some delivery services had fees, while others didn’t. Nonetheless, it continues to boom, especially for people and families who were always dependent on restaurants and eateries for their meals. From cakes to pizza to drinks, everything can now be delivered to your doorstep. The food is just one swipe, click or call away.

Home delivery is not limited to food and grocery items. During the pandemic, shopping is done online, that is why Amazon rises to stardom. People depend on the online market to secure the commodities they want, and the only way for those orders to reach them is through deliveries.

The trend on home delivery has given birth to home delivery apps which are very convenient and accessible to everyone who has internet access. All orders are done online, and thus, there is no need to wait in line. Both big companies and small businesses use these digital tools for advertising and selling of their products. It is undeniable that the internet has changed the marketplace.

  1. Pharmaceuticals Industry

Due to the threat that the coronavirus imposes on our health, nations are competing to find a vaccine. People had been desperate to be healthy to have a higher chance of survival if in case they get contracted with the virus. That is why the pharmaceutical industry is in the spotlight. Companies under these industries race for a cure for COVID-19. Meanwhile, there is a never-ending production of vitamins and health supplements.

The pandemic had opened everyone’s eyes to see the essential role research, disease prevention and treatment has in society. People began to focus on health and sanitation. This global crisis was an eye-opener for everyone to see the biotech companies and health industries in a better light.

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