7 Benefits to Getting FedEx Insurance

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By Jacob Maslow

Sending packages is quick and easy. It’s a process we’ve come to rely on, whether we are sending a gift to a grandchild, an order to a customer, or returning an item to a business. Investing in FedEx insurance can help protect that package from loss, theft, and damage. Although some people nowadays are also investing in Fedex stocks since the market value of FedEx is $39.82B at the moment.

While it’s rare that a package goes missing and can’t be tracked down, damaged shipments are more common. It’s estimated that one in ten boxes is damaged during transit. Although FedEx has the lowest reported claims, there is still a risk that a package may be damaged, and insurance can help protect you financially.

There are many benefits to getting FedEx insurance. Keep reading to learn more!

$100 of Coverage for Free

All packages shipped with FedEx are covered by up to $100 in insurance for free. If the items are less than $100, you shouldn’t need to purchase additional insurance. This coverage protects against package loss, theft, and damage, just like when purchasing additional insurance. Whether you require coverage for more expensive items or not, you can rest easy knowing FedEx has provided some insurance.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged

When shipping with FedEx, you should feel secure knowing the package will arrive at its destination safely. When sending an item, there is always a risk that it may be lost or stolen, but the most considerable risk is damage. Damage can occur because the box shifted in transit, was exposed to the elements, or was accidentally dropped. With so many packages moving every day across the globe, accidents happen.

Purchasing additional FedEx insurance up to the declared value of the items you are shipping covers them no matter what should happen. If they are lost in transit, stolen at any point along the way, or arrive damaged, you can file a claim with FedEx.

No Proof of Value Needed at Time of Shipping

You don’t need to provide proof of the item’s value when you send the package. When shipping the item at a retail location or online, you only need to provide the declared value of the shipment. If you need to file a claim later, FedEx will require proof of that declared value in the form of a receipt, an appraisal, or another validation of worth. However, getting the package insured and on its way is quick and easy with FedEx.

No-Cost Signature Confirmation

Packages with a declared value of over $500 can have Signature Confirmation added for no additional cost. Signature Confirmation requires the delivery person to collect a signature from the person taking ownership of the package when it is handed over. For most packages and packages without FedEx insurance, this added service requires a fee.

Signature Confirmation can add peace of mind, knowing that the package will be received by a person and not left at a home or business location. You will need to ensure that someone is available to sign for it.

You Can Ship From Home or Office

FedEx makes it easy to ship from anywhere. For example, you can now ship from home or the office by printing postage online and requesting a package pickup. A driver will pick up the package along their route, and you can follow the package with the tracking number supplied when you purchased the shipping.

You can also add FedEx insurance to package shipping from your home or office. Add the declared value when entering the package information and pay the added insurance fee before printing the label.

Packages prepared by individuals and insured by FedEx still need to follow the shipping guidelines to process a claim successfully. If a packaged item was damaged in transit and it’s because it was not packaged properly, FedEx may deny the claim.

File a Claim Easily Online

FedEx allows you to file a claim online, by mail, or by fax. The easiest way is online. When filing online, you’ll receive updates via email. If FedEx requests additional information, such as photos or proof of the item’s value, you may be able to reply to an email or upload it online.

Quick Resolution

Most FedEx insurance claims are resolved in seven days or less. While there are always exceptions, FedEx strives to address claims quickly so that customers can replace lost or damaged items and get back to more important things, like spending time with family or running their business. In addition, because the shipper works diligently to alleviate customer concerns, they are among the most well-respected shippers worldwide.

Many packages ship daily with and without FedEx insurance and arrive safe and sound. However, should your package ever be lost, stolen, or damaged, having insurance can make replacing those items easier and faster so you can get back to business. Cabrella makes shipping your business’ products with insurance more straightforward using custom API software.

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