6 Ways to Market a Lawn Service Company During the Winter

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By Richard

A lawn care company is usually most popular in the spring and summer months when the grass is growing, hedges get rowdy and flowers are blooming. So, you may find that your company starts dropping off in business in the fall and moving into the winter months. People think that they don’t need as much work done on their property when it’s cold, things are dormant, and when snow may be on the ground. However, there are ways you can keep your lawn service company going even during the winter. Here are six tips to consider using.

1. Use Social Media

Social media is the number one go-to resource for just about anything these days, so when the work slows down, take the time to be active on platforms like Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Instagram. Make regular posts, engage with followers, answer questions, and keep your name at the top of people’s minds.

2. Reach Out to Current Customers

Current customers can be a gold mine, especially if they don’t normally employ your business during the winter months. Reach out to them by mail, email, or phone call to remind them that you can provide services all through the year. Offer customer discounts or specials and get their attention now.

3. Offer Specials

Specials can get people interested in your services even in the winter months. People like to get a deal, so when the customer flow is slow, consider offering a discount, package deal, or promotion.

4. Manage Reviews

Online reviews can greatly impact your bottom line. The vast majority of people turn to Yelp!, Google, and Facebook for reviews and customer satisfaction. Take the time to look at your online reviews and leave personal responses. It shows that your customers matter to you.

5. Provide Knowledge

One thing you can do during the slow months is share your expertise. This can be done with blogs and social media posts. Offer advice on lawn care, provide articles about ensuring plant safety in the winter, or any subject you wish to empower readers and make sure they know you truly want to help them.

6. Offer Maintenance Programs

Maintenance programs can ensure you have more than fair-weather customers. You can create plans that offer your lawn care service throughout the year and that ensures you continue to have business every month. Make sure the plans you create offer something truly valuable to the customers to get their business.

Keeping customers for your lawn service company can be difficult during the winter months because many people feel like they don’t need lawn care when grass and plants are dormant. You can get new customers and ensure everyone remembers you through the year, though, by taking simple steps to market your company. The winter months are the ideal time to manage your online presence, which is more important than ever for any business. If you follow the above six tips, you can make sure your business flourishes through the year.

Leveraging the quieter winter period to strengthen your online presence and engage with potential clients can be a strategic move, ensuring that your lawn service company remains visible and sought after even during the off-season.

During the winter months, when lawn care might not be at the forefront of customers’ minds, it’s pivotal to maintain engagement and visibility. One effective strategy is to shift the focus of your marketing efforts. Consider offering winter-specific services such as snow removal, winter landscaping maintenance, or seasonal cleanup. Promote these services through your online platforms and social media channels. Highlighting how your company can assist customers year-round not only keeps your brand in their thoughts but also demonstrates your versatility and commitment to meeting their needs beyond the typical lawn care season.

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