6 Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation to Increase Morale

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Recognizing employees, acknowledging them, and expressing gratitude are now crucial leadership skills. This is because one of the most perfect means to keep your employees motivated is expressing satisfaction and appreciation for their hard work. It can be carried out by rewarding them with gifts that express the extent to which you appreciate their contributions to the organization.

Gestures as such go a long way in increasing the morale of employees and keeping them committed to their work. Employee appreciation is an essential strategy to settle in your business. However, what is the best gift for an employee?

There are things you need to consider before you choose an appreciation gift. They include the message you would like to pass across, as well as the relationship you have with them. You will certainly want to choose a thoughtful gift, yet something suitable for your workplace culture. Check out the following gift ideas for employee appreciation which will boost morale.

6 Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation to Increase Morale

Customized Planner

A customized planner is a type of corporate gift. Although there are various types of corporate gifts, including Singaporean corporate gifts, in the process of selecting a corporate gift, business planners are one of the simplest options. Planners assist employees in taking notes and keeping track of upcoming events, either it is personal or work-related.

With several deadlines, effective time management can become a big challenge for employees. However, planners can keep them on their schedule and prioritize their work. In addition, planners help achieve a goal by the regular penning down of its progress.

Moreover, rather than choosing a basic planner, you can make planners more appealing by having them customized with the company’s logo and branding. You can even go a step further by adding the employee’s name. Note that colorful planners with attractive sticky notes and stickers make task planning much more interesting.

Free Food

6 Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation to Increase Morale

Who wouldn’t appreciate a free balanced meal for lunch? One of the ways you can show your staff that you care is by occasionally providing them with food. It could be breakfast sandwiches, pizza lunch, and donuts, including other snacks.

However, be aware of any sort of dietary restrictions they may have, as some of them could be vegetarian or vegan, while some may have gluten-free diets.

Likewise, consider the portion size of any food you are providing them with, as you do not need to give your employees a large portion of food that they will feel obliged to finish all, especially if they do not feel so hungry. Sometimes, a small box of chocolates or a fruit basket is enough to make their day and boost their morale.

Desk Riser

A desk riser is one of the most useful employee appreciation gifts. It is an adjustable table or topper that can be attached to a desk, enabling employees to stand and work whenever they need a break from sitting. Desk risers are light in weight, easy to use, and perfect for individuals who have long working hours.

Interestingly, they provide health benefits which include enhanced posture to prevent back pain. In the same way, inactivity can make a person feel sleepy, but making use of a desk riser can help to refresh one’s mood without necessarily having to take a break from work. A desk riser as an appreciation gift for your employee will inform them that you care about their health and work efficiency.

Handwritten Notes

A very simple, yet effective way to express your appreciation to your staff is by sending them a handwritten thank you card. Whether it is for meeting a deadline, a job well done, or going the extra mile, taking the time to write a personal message will inform your workers that their efforts are seen and appreciated.

Note that it would be great if you do not go with the generic “thank you” note. You can take it a step further with a heartfelt quote.

Gym Membership

Membership at the gym makes awesome gifts for employees. It is not only a way to say you care about their well-being, it is also a way to give them an incentive, so as to remain active at work. This is because gym memberships improve the mental health of employees, which makes them perform better at work, as healthier workers have increased energy and enthusiasm levels.

Gym memberships can be used at various fitness facilities so that your employees can get the perfect fit for their workout routine. Additionally, a lot of gyms provide discounts on personal training and other services, thereby making the gift even more valuable.

Gift Cards

Gift cards give the flexibility for a recipient to choose what they will spend the money on. If you are unsure of your employee’s individual preferences, a gift card will always be a great option. This is because your employees will have the privilege to use the card to purchase anything they like.

Moreover, gift cards do not need any fancy packaging, which also makes them very convenient. Giving your employees a gift card is something they will highly appreciate. However, when choosing a gift card for an employee’s gift, ensure you select a reputable brand that will provide an excellent selection of merchant options.

Employee Appreciation Gifts for Enhanced Motivation

6 Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation to Increase Morale

Gifts given to employees by an organization are usually invaluable. Besides, it can admittedly be tough to know what gift is the best. Yet, employees always feel impressed when they are given unique and thoughtful gifts.

The perfect employee appreciation gifts are thoughtful and personal, and show that you have put effort into selecting the perfect present. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to go for something extravagant or a heartfelt handwritten note, ensure you choose the kind of gift that can make your employees feel esteemed and valued.

Furthermore, bear in mind to always make your workers happy with an unexpected gift, so they can continue performing their duties zealously.

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