6 Crucial Signs It’s Time to Speak With a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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By Richard

Workers’ comp is a legal term for benefits given to employees who get injured or sick on the job. It includes medical care, payments to replace lost wages, and sometimes rehabilitation services. Workers are entitled to these protections by law when they are hurt at work, and workers’ comp lawyers help with that. Here are six crucial signs it’s time to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer.

1. You Were Hurt at Work

If you were hurt because of circumstances at work, you have a right to workers’ comp. Whether you got hurt at work or while en route to or from work, if the injury happened on the job, it’s covered by workers’ compensation. The same goes for any family member injured or killed due to a work-related incident.

2. You’ve Reached Maximum Medical Improvement

Maximum medical improvement is the point when a worker has reached their maximum amount of healing. This happens when doctors and medical professionals believe your condition will not improve further with continued treatment. If you’ve reached maximum medical improvement, your employer must pay you your full wages and may offer you weeks of continued medical benefits, known as rehabilitative services.

3. Your Injury or Illness is a result of a Work-Related Event

If your injury or illness is the result of work, it’s covered by workers’ comp. These cases are easy to recognize because they often involve serious accidents and injuries. They may also be made more difficult if you cannot clearly state how your injury occurred. You need to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer for more help.

4. Your Employer Outright Denies Your Claim

When a worker is injured or becomes sick at work, the employer has to pay for medical care and other benefits. Workers’ comp is meant to guard against misfortune and help people get back on their feet. If your employer denies your claim, it’s a sign that you need to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer right away. The lawyer can help you present your claim and pay your employer for what it owes.

5. You Experience a Full or Partial Disability

You may qualify for benefits under the worker’s compensation system if you cannot work for a specific period. There are different rules for different types of disabilities, so you’ll want to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer to get your full benefits and help determine the full extent of your disability.

6. Your Employer “Retaliates” When You Make a Claim

Your employer has to follow the rules set by the state insurance board. If they violate those rules, they can be fined or prevented from working again. If your boss retaliates against you for making a workers’ comp claim, this may mean that you’ll need to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer right away.

In conclusion, workers’ comp is a system made to protect workers from injuries and illnesses that occur on the job. If you’ve experienced one of the 6 situations listed above, then it’s time to speak with a workers’ comp lawyer for more help.

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