6 Benefits of Getting a Medical Chatbot

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By Jacob Maslow

If you work in the field of medicine, dentistry, podiatry, and other related disciplines, then it’s imperative to provide online customer support right away. This is why your practice needs a medical chatbot. With this program, you can reap the following benefits:

1. Facilitates Easy Triage and Navigation

Efficient triaging helps you deliver the right service to the client who needs it the most. The Chatbot can easily guide your patients through such guidelines. They do so too efficiently – compared to the wait time they have to endure during a physical visit or a conventional phone call. Add to that, the Chatbot sorts and references all activities or information. This allows you to access them when you see the patient in your clinic.

2. Helps Unburden Support Staff

Your office secretary wastes precious time every time he/she answers the usual questions – whether personally or through the phone. Fortunately, a Medical Chatbot can help avoid this. You can use the program to post answers to routine questions, such as:
  • Clinic location
  • Available check-up slots
  • Services offered, i.e. COVID testing and vaccine schedules
  • Insurance/s accepted
This will also help screen your clients accurately so that only necessary calls and messages reach the support staff. In turn, this will help them provide services faster since they no longer have to answer routine questions.

3. Decongests Clinics

Only 6.5% of US households have access to a landline. More than half of US households, on the other hand, only use digital services. Because of this, your patients may visit your clinic just to ask some basic questions if they can’t access you digitally. Unfortunately, they can hold up the line for individuals who need urgent care. With a Medical Chatbot, however, patients will no longer have to go to your practice for general inquiries. That way, medical professionals like you can keep your space free for more pressing medical/health needs.

4. Eases Patient Follow-Up

The Medical Chatbot is not only for answering inquiries. You may use it to follow up with patients as well. For example, you can use the program to message the patient to remind his/her clinic appointment. You can also use it to check up on clients after a certain procedure or surgery. With this feature, you may help your customer go back on his/her feet faster.

5. Improves Business

When you provide good service (such as flawless triaging and quick follow-ups), you can expect clients to return. They may even refer some new customers to go to your clinic. It’s like getting free publicity – sans the expensive advertisement costs. In essence, a Medical Chatbot will not only help your patients – it can boost your business as well.

6. Scales Together With Your Business

You want a program that can grow alongside your business. As for the Medical Chatbot, you can scale it according to your customers – or the services that are in demand today. You can modify the program to address the ever-changing needs of your practice. Health-related technologies, such as the Medical Chatbot, are vital for improving customer service. With its efficient activities and business-boosting benefits, it’s something you should get for your clinic today.
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