5 Smart Ways to Prevent Cyberattacks at a Freight Company

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By Richard

Cyberattacks are every freight company’s concern, especially as their business grows. Each year, malicious attacks on systems and infrastructures sweep across the industry, including the shipping and logistics industries. Cyber hackers continue to get smarter. They constantly find new ways to get ahold of sensitive information.

This year, it has triggered everyone from the travel and airline industry to the national infrastructure. It’s also targeting truckload carriers everywhere. There’s a demand for logistics and transportation organizations to prevent freight cyberattacks before they become a costly mess. Here are five ways to prevent cyberattacks at your freight company.

1. Use Encryption

Encryption software includes digital information used with a certificate or key. You have to unencrypt the data to access it. When cyber attackers access encrypted information, they can’t see anything. Even though encryption can get broken into, it requires a lot of time and expertise for it to happen.

2. Create Stronger Passwords

Strong passwords are an important component of protecting your company’s data. They prevent unauthorized access to your devices and keep your sensitive safe at all times. Create complex passwords that include numbers and symbols. The stronger your password, the more protected your data will be from cyber-attacks and threats. It’s also important to routinely change passwords for company technology and equipment, and you should require your employees to do the same.

3. Train Personnel

Ongoing education and training are an important part of the job, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Every leader, employee, and vendor in the freight industry should understand how to protect their digital accounts and systems, including how outsiders can access them.

They should understand their roles in protecting this sensitive information. Each team should undergo strict training to improve awareness about both digital security and physical security.

4. Secure Network Infrastructure

You should secure your freight company’s network infrastructure, including the cables and routers. Cyber pirates and hackers are finding clever ways to enter your computer systems.

They should have encrypted locks or layered cabinets that only offer authorized access. You should also require your employees and vendors to provide additional forms of verification, such as email verification or a unique code.

5. Invest In Cybersecurity Software

Cybersecurity software comes in many forms. Some of those options include anti-virus applications, firewalls, and intrusion section systems. Making use of all or some of these tools protects your computer systems and information against cyberattacks. Maintaining the updates of these tools is integral to the success of defending against attacks.

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more common than ever, especially in the freight industry. Hackers who access your data or sensitive information can take over your computer system. This can cause your freight company to spend billions of dollars as they recover from the loss of their property.

You need to take a proactive approach to preventing cyberattacks. Training employees, installing cybersecurity software, securing network infrastructure, using encryption, and creating stronger passwords are the best practices to learn. This can prevent your logistics business from standing up to cyber threats.

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