5 Relaxing Coastal Retreats for the Busy Entrepreneur

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By Richard

Spring is a great time to visit the coast. You can take time to escape and get a break from your daily life while enjoying some amazing activities you may not have access to otherwise. These are only five activities you can enjoy on your April vacation.

Private Boat Charter

Many coastal locations offer private charters, e.g., private boat cruise San Diego. Choose a reputable charter company that offers a variety of vessels and amenities. You can hold large corporate events or small family gatherings. You can hold weddings at sea, go sport fishing, or look for sea life.

You may even be able to visit a private beach. Most charters also offer food and drinks among other amenities. Choose one that offers seasickness remedies in case you or your guests suffer from motion sickness. Spend a few hours or a full day on your own private yacht that has professional crews, including captains with US Coast Guard licenses.

Find a Zoo

Whether you are on a solo vacation or your family is with you, a zoo is a great place to get some perspective and enjoy unique wildlife. For example, the San Diego Zoo offers educational opportunities for those of any age. Learn about the animals, and enjoy interactive exhibits with your family.

The scientist in your group has access to a wealth of information on individual animals and habitats. You can even learn about butterflies and flowers at the Safari Park.

Find Great Museums

Explore your passions with the numerous museums along the coast. The New Children’s Museum can help your children explore and inspire their imaginations. You can also visit numerous art museums, including the Museum of Photographic Arts, and feed your creative side. You may even find other museums that focus on specific events, locations or history. You may even visit a maritime museum.

Whale Watching Tour

The Pacific coast is alive with sea life, and some of the most amazing creatures are whales. You can get somewhat up close and personal with these 300,000-pound creatures on a tour that involves whale watching San Diego.

During the spring, the gray whales migrate north to the Bering Sea, so you may see whole pods of whales on your tour. If you have young children, choose a tour on a large boat, but if you are up for a little adventure, you may consider kayaking.

Visit the Beach

As you know, the coast is full of incredible beaches. Whether you look for a traditional public beach with white sand and views for miles or a private beach, you can find it here, and April is a great month to visit because the temperatures are warm and the breeze is refreshing.

You can also hike through nature preserves to a few beaches. Some coastal areas even have tide pools where you can see sea anemones, small fish, hermit crabs, sea stars and sea cucumbers as the tide goes out during the day.

If you have a vacation coming up, look up all the fun things to do San Diego.

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