5 Key Reasons Why 3D Elements Will Help Mailouts Stand Out

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By Richard

Brands are going after the next level of engagement by using creative 3D imagery on mailouts to drive home their message and draw your attention. We’ll discuss five reasons 3D elements will help your mailouts stand out.

1. They Catch Your Attention

3D elements on your mailouts have been proven to catch more people’s attention and make people more likely to open the mailout. 3D elements are incredibly effective in grabbing people’s attention, especially when communicating your message in a crowded and noisy environment.

2. They Get Noticed in a Crowded Inbox

Another area 3D elements help with is getting noticed in a crowded inbox. With so many emails being sent out daily, it can be difficult for you to stand out from the crowd. When your mailout has a creative and unique 3D design, it’s sure to catch the eye of anyone sorting through their emails. This can help increase your response rate!

3. They Physically Fit the Brand

When trying to convey your brand, nothing captures it better than having a physical representation of it in the actual mailout you send. This can be an image representative of the brand or a creative way of using 3D elements to show what your company does. Whatever it may be, having that physical representation of the company on the mailout makes it come alive and shows customers who you are. The cost will also be considerably less than doing something similar with a video, making 3D imagery especially appealing for smaller companies on tighter budgets.

4. They’re Creative and Fun to Look At

Finally, using 3D elements highlights that you have a creative mind, which is one of the most important things in any organization. Demonstrating your ability to be innovative and driven by new ideas shows consumers that your company is going to be able to deliver what they need. It gives consumers a level of trust in your brand and is an incredibly effective way of getting people’s attention, something that is sometimes hard to do because of the clutter of emails.

5. They Work Well with Traditional Content

The visual appeal of 3D imagery can be incredibly effective when paired with more traditional marketing content. When you combine these elements, you can make your mailout stand out from the crowd and get the most effectiveness out of it. This is an intelligent way to use 3D elements to get the best of both worlds since you’ll be able to get more people interested in your content while also showing those 3D elements off and making them pop!

3D elements are an excellent way for companies to grab attention and make their mailouts stand out in a crowded environment. If you want to get your name and message out there, adding 3D elements is an easy way to make your mailouts more effective while also keeping costs down.

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