5 Creative Ways to Celebrate National Boss Day in Your Office

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By Jacob Maslow

National Boss Day is on October 16th and is meant to help you show your appreciation to your boss. We’ve celebrated the holiday for about 57 years; however, it doesn’t mean you should give your boss the same gifts that most employers gave half a century ago. Here are some fresh ideas to help you ditch the coffee mugs and fountain pens and show your boss how much you appreciate them while keeping up with the new millennium.

Employee and employer celebration has lots of benefits. It inspires creativity, increases productivity, and creates a harmonious work environment. Remembering your boss helps instill a culture of appreciation, reinforces positive behavior, and helps the team bond. Happy leaders foster collaboration, inspire teams, and encourage loyalty.

1- Share a Meal

Sharing a meal is one of the sincerest ways to celebrate your boss. You can ask other employees to provide something for a potluck lunch, like donuts or bagels for breakfast. You can also bake cookies or take your boss to dinner or a group happy hour after work. Celebrating your boss with a delicious meal gives your team a chance to bond and participate and make your boss feel loved and appreciated.

2- Give Your Boss Gifts

You can celebrate your boss by gifting them as a form of appreciation. Gift ideas include tickets to a sporting event, a local concert, or cigars. You can also give them something that can spruce up their office, like a plant of some gift cards to a shopping site or their favorite retailer. Also, you can send them points and have them choose gift cards from online rewards catalogs.

3- Throw Them a Party

You can throw your boss a part to make National Boss Day more memorable. The celebration may include bagels, doughnuts, homemade cookies, or even a custom cake. That’ll be the perfect time to share your gifts or cards or tell them how much you appreciate them. You should plan the party to ensure it goes well.

4- Celebrate Them on the Company Website

You can also show your appreciation for your boss on National Boss Day by acknowledging their contributions on the company website. You and your team members may know how good your boss is; however, it’s good if the whole company knows too. You can post them on the company website and allow employees to comment on their accomplishments and contributions.

5- Get Out of the Office

Celebrate your boss on National Boss Day by leaving the office and changing the surroundings. For instance, you could plan an off-site adventure where the team members will feel relaxed and at ease or make reservations at their favorite dining spot. You may also go golfing and present your cards at the end of the game.

You can try many other ideas; however, they should be authentic and heartfelt. Recognize your boss’ and team’s efforts to create a healthy work environment and increase productivity. Have fun celebrating National Boss Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you celebrate National Boss Day?

National Boss Day is celebrated by sharing a meal, giving gifts, throwing a party, or celebrating on the company website. Other ideas include leaving the office and changing the surroundings. Try to be creative and authentic in your celebration. Remember, the goal is to show your boss how much you appreciate them.

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