4 Effective Tips for Choosing the Right Desk for an Office Space

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By Richard

Every office needs a work desk, but finding the right one can seem daunting. Do you go for something big and bold? Or something small, practical, and streamlined? We’ve got tips on choosing the suitable office desk to fit your set-up perfectly.

1. Size

The first thing to think about when choosing a suitable office desk is the space you need it in. Large tables are often used in open-plan offices, but a smaller desk could be the better option where area is at a premium. The suitable space for you could also come down to your work. The more computers, projectors, and other office equipment you have in your space, the more room you will need for these. Team collaboration spaces need to be bigger, too, as you’ll probably have multiple people working on the same things. So it may be worth considering the ratio of people to desks when choosing your office desk.

2. Materials

There are a variety of materials available when purchasing an office desk. Some may prefer particle board or MDF as they’re lighter and cheaper than wooden options. Others may choose an oak desk that looks more expensive and luxurious but can be prone to denting if knocked during work. Other materials are also considered, including frosted glass desks to keep things private and sleek. Metal desks are also increasingly popular, with various finishes, from brushed steel to gunmetal grey and bright silver.

3. Color

Along with the material you choose, many colors are available on office desks too. There’s something for every taste, from muted greys and blues to loud oranges and reds. So if you want your desk to be a statement piece in your office space, it may be worth going for one in an eye-catching color like fuchsia or lime green. Neutral colors are also available if you want something more understated in your office space.

4. Use

While desks are often used for work, they can also be put to multiple uses. Smaller desks are also great for creating a cozy desk nook where you can read or work on your laptop without being disturbed by others. Whatever it’s used for, make sure there is enough storage space for everything you need and that it works best for the way you would like to use it. This could mean a more extensive desk for open-plan office space, with storage space underneath for all your equipment, or a smaller one for more private work.

In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when choosing an office desk. From the size, space, and materials available, a range of options may work best for your space and needs. With so many great choices, it’s worth looking through them all and finding one that works for you with the help of the above tips.

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