4 Different Types of Cases That Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

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By Jacob Maslow

Personal injury lawyers are attorneys who offer legal services to persons who claim to have suffered or been harmed, either mentally or physically, due to the carelessness or negligence of another. The alleged offender may be another individual, a government agency, or entity.

These lawyers are primarily experts in the field of Tort law, sometimes known as personal injury law. This specialization, as one of the branches of law, deals with the intricate concept that aims to provide relief or compensation to the party who suffered the injury.

Some Cases Under The Expertise Of Personal Injury Lawyers

1. Car Accident Cases

Car or vehicular accidents are the most common mishaps that bring people into legal battles. It’s where the experts in personal injury lawsuits, like the personal injury lawyers at Dolman Law, can best help you. These attorneys, like their colleagues, specialize in this branch of law. They’re professionals who can readily provide the most needed assistance.

A car crash may be tagged as a usual accident that happens every day. Be it in the streets or on highways near and far. But the horrors every victim experiences are unique from each other. It’s why you need a personal injury lawyer.

There are many ways of proving negligence. Your lawyer must define and walk you through how your case will work. Your attorney will help you know the laws and rules of safe driving and investigate the many requirements for a negligence claim. They will also inform you of your legal responsibilities and defenses to help you understand and get the best settlement possible.

2. Injury In The Workplace Cases

The workplace is supposed to be complete with safety gear and equipment to prevent accidents and other hazards, depending on the kind of work or industry they are engaged in. But work premises accidents happen all the time. It’s why there are personal injury lawyers.

Your personal injury law expert will help you determine whether the injuries suffered were due to an accident that happened because somebody was negligent. Whether the negligence was committed by a co-worker or the company, or if it was contributory on your part, your lawyer will help you understand it all.

Some injuries suffered in the workplace include slips, falls, and sicknesses due to chemical and substance exposure. There are also illnesses and injuries sustained due to unfavorable working conditions. Some conditions are obtained as a necessary consequence of the work suffered.

3. Claims Due To Death Or Injury Caused By Medical Errors

Personal injury claims because of medical mistakes and errors of judgment on the part of the attending doctor or health care professional need the help of personal injury attorneys. You need a legal expert’s help to establish that, indeed, the healthcare professional committed negligent acts that led to the demise or injury of the patient.

Medical errors are, accordingly, the third leading cause of death, next to cancers and heart diseases. Medical mistakes are also said to be one of the leading causes of death in the United States every year.

4. Animal Attack Injuries Claims

Whether the animals in these cases were domesticated or not, somebody has to be liable for the injuries sustained by the victims. Animal attack injuries are usually sustained because an animal gets loose from its leash, pen or sanctuary.

Your personal injury advocate will help you sort out the events leading to the accident and injury, including the rightful compensation you may claim from the guilty or negligent party.

In Sum

There are still many cases not covered in this content that need the experience and expertise of a personal injury attorney. You can explore the links in this section to learn more about the cases and instances where your attorney-at-law will be at their best to help you out.

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